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  1. ford_uk

    Big Victor In Training....

    Appreciate we have some people in the know on this forum, anyone seen or heard what he brings/offers in training ? He must be amazing.. I am also not into everton bashing at all!!!! But i just dont get why he gets selected. If this post gets deleted so be it, I and would imagine loads...
  2. ford_uk

    Jack Rodwell

    How come he can't get a game??? Meant to be one of the hottest young talents surely we have to start building a team around him and the big fella? I know he is still very young and that could be the reason. Is the reason that he is gonna be the one that is off loaded in the summer? I just...
  3. ford_uk

    Rodders & Felli

    Without doubt has added some much needed steal in the middle, i hope it continues. Think they have gave moyesy a bit of a much needed head ache.
  4. ford_uk

    Yakubu's Omission

    I not gonna blast Sir David as he has worked wonders, i am just curious why the Yak has been dropped for Saha? 4 me he was coming into his own again...
  5. ford_uk


    If the fat Spanish Waiter does what he does and by some miracle, wins the Europa League and they dont qualify for champions league, will another europa spot be handed to the prem league? which I would make as 8th place?? sorry if already been posted.
  6. ford_uk

    Leighton Baines

    With the recent weekend news revelations, i don't think it would have done Leighton Baines chances any harm of him going to the world cup, although i think he is better than Bridge anyways!
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