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  1. Blue Ray

    Spurs are back : Approach made for Pienaar

    Pienaar gettin interest from Spurs again according to SSN. IMO if he's gonna go fookin go now. Sick of this will he wont he crap.
  2. Blue Ray

    Transfer Rumour : Kris Boyd

    Todays Daily Post says Kris Boyd would welcome a move to Merseyside and will be available on a free. Same old paper talk but does anyone have any thoughts on this one. He's got 164 SPL goals under his belt making him the SPL top scorer of all time so far. With the signing of Beckford we already...
  3. Blue Ray

    Vaughan out on loan again ??

    James Vaughan is apparently wanted on loan by Lennon at Celtic. More paper tosh from the Stun. Any other evidence of this happening? Just seen it on telly text and thats the 1st Ive heard of it.
  4. Blue Ray

    End of....

    Anyone else wanna see the end of these Lescott threads and have them all locked now. He's gone people lets move on.
  5. Blue Ray

    Lescott trains away from 1st team squad

    Can we read anything into this? Maybe he's been sulking and Moyes dont want that near the rest of the players. Any thoughts ?
  6. Blue Ray

    Transfer Rumour - Robert Huth

    According to todays Daily Post Robert Huth has now overtaken Philippe Senderos as a main target. Any thoughts on this one? I know its only paper talk but does anyone rate him?
  7. Blue Ray

    Time to play the kids.

    With Yakubu out for the rest of the season and Saha now injured we're going to have to play the young guns. Looks like Anichebe and Baxter will be relied upon as we dont have a fit Vaughan either. Maybe Jutkiewicz will get a chance to show his worth. We need money in January Kenwright so you...
  8. Blue Ray

    Just My Imagination (Runnin away with me)

    This is only whats going on in my head. Its not based on anything in the news about us or anything I've heard. The wheels are turning in my mind so I thought I'd put them into a thread. Dont slaughter me cos I'm not surgesting any facts. Are we really close to a take over? None of us know the...
  9. Blue Ray

    First match memories...

    I've been around quite awhile now and one or two on here have been around a lot longer, even going to games before I was born. That takes some beating lol. This could be a repeat thread for all I know but I havent seen it before so here goes. What was the very first game you went to, what was...
  10. Blue Ray

    The unthinkable...

    I dont want to see Moyes leaving as he's done a brilliant job for us but what if he did. Who would be the best candidate to take over the job. I know some of us don't wanna think like that but we may have to in the near future. So who would it be ???
  11. Blue Ray

    Carlo Nash signs in ?

    According to The Echo Moyesy is signing Carlo Nash of Wigan today. He's Wigan's 3rd choice keeper and he's wanted as cover for Howard. Not sure about this one either.
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