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  1. ilikecheese

    2017-18 Transfers: Pick the Worst

    With that gash season behind us let's look back at the players we brought in. We bought in volume that's for sure. Eleven new players played first team football for us and hardly any of them impressed. I won't bother with a player by player breakdown. Pick the worst three of the lot.
  2. ilikecheese

    Let's Help A Blue Out

    He meant to say Lower Bullens. I know not everyone is on Twitter so I thought GOT might be able to help.
  3. ilikecheese

    Besic - CB

    So simple question. Do you think Mo would be a reliable option at Center-back?
  4. ilikecheese

    2017 Summer Transfer Window

    Deadwood on perms? Top players are sold? Ace signings? Virgin meter off the charts? *cringe*
  5. ilikecheese


    Why is it that we simply can't cope when teams press us? Is it that we simply don't have good enough players? We pressed Chelsea very hard on a few occasions today, and they just calmly worked their way out of it. So is it simply a lack of talent, or is it something else?
  6. ilikecheese

    Yakubu v Saha

    I don't know who to pick.
  7. ilikecheese

    MOTM v Norwich

    Did someone forget to put this up?
  8. ilikecheese

    MOTM vs Swansea

    @Dutch Toffee you lazy Belg. So who was it?
  9. ilikecheese

    Post transfer window discussion: Rate the Transfer Window

    So the window is officially closed, and we've done quite a bit of business. TRANSFERS IN: Cleverley Deulofeu Henen Holgate Rodriguez Mori Lennon TRANSFERS OUT: Alcaraz Distin Long (and a few others kids) We held off Chelsea for Stones. We didn't sign the #10 we wanted. For me it's a decent...
  10. ilikecheese

    MOTM vs Tottenham

    Just noticed @Dutch Toffee didn't post this yet. So who was the MOTM in your opinion?
  11. ilikecheese

    The 'You Don't Change A Winning Side' Debate

    Today is probably not the ideal day to start this thread. Probably shouldn't do this on a match day. I've read on here many, many times 'that you don't change a winning side'. I'd like to hear from both sides on this. I find it illogical to not tinker and change if it gives us the best...
  12. ilikecheese

    The Derby Justice Thread

  13. ilikecheese

    Why are we scoring so many goals?

    15 in 6...
  14. ilikecheese

    Boss Players You Thought Would Be Gash

    Probably already been done. The worst Everton player thread and the other one about who turned out to be gash got me thinking. Who have we signed that's been boss, but you thought would be gash? Hopefully this doesn't become the James McCarthy thread. The first two that came to mind were...
  15. ilikecheese

    Young Player of the Year

    Well? Who is it? I think it's a tough call...wanna see what you melts think. (CBA to do a poll)
  16. ilikecheese

    Jose Baxter

    How do you all rate him? I was talking with an acquaintance that works for a certain League 1 side that we could face in the next round of the FA Cup, and he said that they seriously considered him on a loan. They ended up getting John Bostock from Spurs instead. I would rather see him...
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