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  1. efcforever

    If we get relegated but won The FA Cup and Europa would you support Martinez.

    Seen this debated in other threads and I'd like to know where people actually stand on this.
  2. efcforever

    Moyes to Spurs?

    Don't think that this has its own thread yet has it? I don't personally think that Spurs would offer him the job as I think they will want someone more high profile. However Paddy Power have him as 3-1 facourite for the job. I had to use this website to link the odds because I can't...
  3. efcforever

    Should we boo Lescott?

    I think we should. I think the way he behaved when Man City offered him a big bag of cash was disgraceful. He was un-professional in his last game for us against Arsenal. I feel that the guy basically spat his dummy out and should have accepted the fact that the Manager who gave him his big...
  4. efcforever

    Our next 5 games......

    Birmingham (Home) Fulham (Home) Villa (Home) Wolves (Away) Blackburn (Home) I know I'm getting carried away and we should just take it one game at a time, perhaps I expect too much. These are all games we could and probably should win. Our form says we will more likely pick up...
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