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  1. Furey1878

    Southampton vs Everton, 26/11/2017, KO @ 1:30pm GMT.

    Oh, Everton... The quest for the fabled away win continues this Sunday as Everton travel down to Southampton, and presumably with a side objectives of getting back some of our Koeman-compensation and ideally leaving Cuco Martina there and hoping no one notices. Before we talk about how terrible...
  2. Furey1878

    Match Thread Crystal Palace vs Everton, 18/11/2017. KO @ 3pm GMT.

    Everton's last outing ended in a dramatic and very, very much needed win against Watford. Hopefully this won't be a season of saying "the season starts now" every time we win but if there's any hope of following a league win with another for the first time this season, one would hope that would...
  3. Furey1878

    Crap reasons given for crap Everton players being crap

    Let me give a few examples: Arouna Kone was just hungry during Ramadan Niasse had a sore wrist Bily is really a #10 Can you think of a few examples?
  4. Furey1878

    Starting 11 vs Stoke as it stands

    Based on signings and current pre-season showings, what do you think our starting 11 will or should be against Stoke at the beginning of the season? So far I'm going for: Pickford Kenny Keane Williams Baines Schneiderlin Gueye-----Klassen Dowell???-----------------Mirallas Rooney No doubt...
  5. Furey1878

    Who's the better Left-Midfielder?

    In keeping with @Dithering Dougie's quest to compare crap players, unto this forum I pose a question asking just who is the better option on the left side of Everton's midfield? The options are Leon Osman and of course, Steven Naismith. Let us end this debate once and for all.
  6. Furey1878

    US Investor Poll

    In your heart of hearts, do you think anything will come of today's news of potential investors/buyer from the US? If you haven't heard the latest:
  7. Furey1878

    The 2015/16 Knee-Jerk reaction Thread

    Extreme opinions in here, lads. The only rule to this thread is that you must be caught up with emotion following an Everton game. No time for rational posts, I'll start. Everton are utterly boss and will defo finish in the top 4 given how we performed against Chelsea. Where's Bobby's new mural?
  8. Furey1878

    Today's set-up

    There's been a common misconception that today we lined up in our usual 4-2-3-1 with Cleverly and Kone as the widemen: Howard Coleman Stones Jagielka Galloway McCarthy Barry Kone Barkley Cleverly Lukaku However, we actually set up with a 4-4-2 diamond (it's even shown on the teamsheet posted...
  9. Furey1878

    Everton v Arsenal. PL Asia Trophy, Singapore. 18th July @ 13:30 BST.

    Everton are still 20 years without a major trophy, but all that could change as we contest the final of the unfathomably prestigious Premier League Asia Trophy against Arsenal. Before that utterly depresses you, I speak of course in jest. The reality is that it's our second sling in Singapore...
  10. Furey1878

    Everton v Stoke City. PL Asia Trophy, Singapore. 15th July @ 11:00 BST.

    Less than four weeks remain to see if Everton have remembered how to win actual competitive games of football, as the team embark to the Far East for a “glamour” tie against Stoke. Sky have slung us over to Singapore, in for me the only questionable part of our pre-season schedule. However, it...
  11. Furey1878

    Swindon Town v Everton. 11th July @ 15:00 BST.

    The wait is almost over, well, not really but pre-season games can at least be something different if nothing else. Personally, an Everton match is of course, an Everton match, and I couldn't possibly not look forward to a game less than I for most of last season's. I shall leave that temptation...
  12. Furey1878

    The Signature Game

    Recently, a few of my mates got me a signed shirt as a small birthday present. However I'm terrible at deciphering signatures so thought I'd seek the counsel of GOT. I thought we could even make a game of it, with prizes for those who get the most signatures*. *Disclaimer: no actual prizes will...
  13. Furey1878

    Walton Hall Park Stadium Poll

    When do you reckon it'll be built?
  14. Furey1878

    Everton v F.C. Porto, August 3rd, KO 16:00pm.

    Little over two weeks remain until Everton begin their 2014/15 campaign, one which will span not only across the realm but across the continent, testing ourselves in Europe after four long years. So it's quite fitting that the customary Goodison friendly take place against Porto, a team who've a...
  15. Furey1878

    Tranmere Rovers v Everton. 22nd July, KO 7:45pm.

    So Everton are back, and what better way is there than returning to a glamour-tie of a local derby? By which of course, I mean that team from the (DA) Wirral which is but one of the many, many reasons you’re glad about which side of the Mersey you were born. Rovers are currently facing...
  16. Furey1878

    Your non-Everton player Evertonian Everton Team

    Your non-Everton player Evertonian Everton Team Well that was a mouthful. Moving on swiftly, can you make a decent squad with currently playing Bluenoses who don't play for Everton? I've got a decent midfield and forward threat atm. Struggling to find a decent back 5 though. A bit of fun, but...
  17. Furey1878

    Red Bull reps last Monday?

    Red Bull reps last Monday? Apologies if there has already been some discussion about this. But I heard a few people at the match mention that Red Bull were supposedly at Goodison on Moday. I'm unsure as to whether or not there's any truth to it, anyway thought it might be worth seeing if...
  18. Furey1878

    Perspective, Escape Velocity and International Breaks.

    How sh*t was that? Reality may have hit us in the face here somewhat, and any hopes of being in a good mood this weekend have flown away at escape velocity. Don’t get me wrong, I can live with an Everton loss, but a poor Everton display can really put me in a foul mood. But back to that...
  19. Furey1878

    The Knee-Jerk reaction Thread (The Good, The Bad and The Alright).

    Knee-Jerking. It's one of those wonderful things about GOT, whether all things Everton are good or sh*te. On the back of a decent 3-2 win away to West Ham, we can jerk our knees with merriment. I'd like this thread to be the home for all heat of the moment reactions to anything...
  20. Furey1878

    Europa League possibility (Humour me here lads)

    Assuming we finish 6th which is most likely what will happen, consider the following scenario: Chelsea win the Europa League and finish 5th. My question is will that free up an extra Europa League spot for us? I realise that our season's virtually over and I shouldn't be getting my...
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