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  1. Blueclouds

    2019/20 Lucas Digne

    He been rubbish this season
  2. Blueclouds

    January Transfer Thread 2020

  3. Blueclouds

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    We need a CM to go with Gomes and Gbamin for next season as we cant just rely on them staying injury free but we cant just buy one if they are unavailable till the summer or we will end up with one that doesn't fit our team. Hopefully we can get a loan in.
  4. Blueclouds

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Only one player I would take from Norwich is Emi Buendía.
  5. Blueclouds

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Is Emre slow? Cany be doing with any more of these
  6. Blueclouds

    Match Thread West Ham United v Everton (Saturday 18 January 15:00)

    Passing is so sloppy, passing should be spot on at this level. Weird
  7. Blueclouds

    Throws in

    Spot on, carlo should sort it.
  8. Blueclouds

    2019/20 Djibril Sidibe

    I will wait a few months before signing him
  9. Blueclouds

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    I still believe Rich can be our 20 goals a season with the right support. It's not easy to find a striker who will come in and start scoring 20 goals a season. He working from scraps at the moment.
  10. Blueclouds

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Still young as well, like a tackle like our Rich as well.
  11. Blueclouds

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    What do you think of Emiliano Buendia from Nowich to replace Walcott?
  12. Blueclouds

    2019/20 Fabian Delph

    Hopefully Villa come in for him but his ego would turn them down
  13. Blueclouds

    2019/20 Mason Holgate

    Did like Stones tho
  14. Blueclouds

    2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    I always change my mind with this fella, sometimes I'm convinced then I'm not.
  15. Blueclouds

    2019/20 Richarlison

    Good news tbh, I prefer him as a striker
  16. Blueclouds

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Did he know how weak mentality the players were tho. This must be one of the hardest challenges he faced
  17. Blueclouds

    Marcel Brands

    Let's hope so, we cant afford another crap player for big money.
  18. Blueclouds

    Marcel Brands

    And who wanted Iwobi?
  19. Blueclouds

    Marcel Brands

    We need a CB and a cm, plus a Rw and a striker, some might say we need a new keeper. It doesn't matter what order we get then in, there might be no CB available this window but a rw or keeper might be. Its depends who available
  20. Blueclouds

    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    We cant just turn our back on a 45 million asset player, but I would snap any offers over 15 million
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