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  1. Blueclouds

    Throws in

    Ok, wanner discuss this. Coleman throws are driving me mad. Not watched other teams much this season but do other teams struggle with throws.
  2. Blueclouds

    Goal of the Decade

    What your favourite goal?
  3. Blueclouds

    Young player to break through

    Chelsea, Man u and arsenal have all started young players this season and a few of them have done well. I'm concerned our young players are not good enough. What is wrong with our youth system?
  4. Blueclouds

    Transfers this summer

    Late bids for Zaha and Doucoure and we could have done with these two. No Zomua replacement so we are an injury away from holgate. What was brands doing this season? If we couldn't afford those players then why didnt we look for alternatives. Tbh our team not crap but we are missing critical...
  5. Blueclouds

    Selling gueye will be our biggest mistake this season

    We shouldn't have sold him. Simple. We were like you cant deny him a chance at cl footie. 30 million is a good price for a 30 year old. He cant pass or contribute to our attack. Nah our club should have offered him a pay rise and told him he not going anywhere until we find a proper replacement.
  6. Blueclouds

    Chemistry in the team.

    What chemistry partnerships do we have in the team. To be successful, we need more partnerships forming for example I'm not sure coleman and Rich work well together but better then Walcott and coleman. Mina and Keane, could work well together Digne and Bernard, could be better So who will be...
  7. Blueclouds

    Silva best signing so far

    Who is Silva best signing so far? Mine is in this order Richarlison Gomes Digne Bernard Zouma Mina
  8. Blueclouds

    Right side

    Hibbert and neville offered more then walcott and coleman. Embarrassment
  9. Blueclouds

    It is safe to come in here today

    Yeah bad day yeterday but happy christmas blue noses.
  10. Blueclouds


    Cynical theory. The premiership is the best in Europe due to the competition of 6 clubs who can win the title and a huge fight over the CL places. Do you recken the refs know this and that why they help the rich clubs to stay at the top to make the title more exciting.
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