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  1. orly

    David Moyes

    Welcome (back) to Everton. Big market mover this morning. Thoughts? I think HIGHLY controversial
  2. orly

    And God so loved the world

    .... that he sent his only son, Duncan Ferguson, to save us from the ginger hope vaccuum sin that is David Moyes. Amen. Type F or Amen below to enjoy your Christmas the right way.
  3. orly

    Nico Kovac

    Also very very welcome to Everton. At the ground today. Thoughts and welcomes to our new manager.
  4. orly

    Carlo Ancelotti

    Very very very Welcome to Everton. Thoughts? I think yes.
  5. orly

    "They are blaming each other"

    From Michael Brown on the BBC Very strong links to Sheff United, I think his kids still go there. So this is likely Jagielka or Lundstram, I think the former. What a total mess.
  6. orly

    Is being a First Team Coach actually that difficult?

    Good afternoon mein frandelinos. And so, at time of writing (3pm UK) Marco Silva has still not been sacked. Or done the honourable thing and resigned. But I looked at that team yesterday - as did many others - at 2pm when the sheets were published and thought "Silva actually doesn't...
  7. orly

    Who is in the Everton cannon?

    So a few people need to be fired into the sea. The cannon is currently aimed out on to the Mersey, the charges are primed. It's single use, and only good to launch three individuals. They all fly as one of course for it to be environmentally frandely and keep the carbon footprint down. Who are...
  8. orly

    Qualities the next Everton manager needs to possess

    Hello mein frandelinos Not a good day for us supporting Everton. A new boss feels inevitable now. What qualities / characteristics do YOU feel the next manager should have? A quick five from me: Has a passionate hatred from a long-held grudge against Gylfi and never has him near the squad...
  9. orly

    The Everton Mysteries

    A thread that essentially is intended to be on a lighter note to the current doom and gloom elsewhere. What I am struggling with is that we have spent, what, £450m in the last few seasons. Yes ok, we have sold as well as bought. But if you are an incoming owner and you were about to cycle...
  10. orly

    Transfer Rumour Nathan Ake

    welcome to everton @Moomin @stesachaaxl On the BBC (but clearly DO NOT click through their newspaper link) thoughts? Good player.
  11. orly

    Confirmed Signing Djibril Sidibé

    Welcome to Everton @Moomin Good quality RB, world cup winner. Well done Marcel
  12. orly

    Mino Raiola and his positive influence on Everton

    Hello frandelinos Thought I would just start a thread on a slightly controversial character who has, in an indirect way, helped shaped the future of Everton. His name is Mino, Mino Raiola. At first he gave us Lukaku. Clearly the best goalscorer we've had since Lineker and, calorific intake...
  13. orly

    Everton transfer window - disaster scenario

    Hello frandelinos Bit mad in the Transfer Window thread and generous (and kind) site owner Mr @GrandOldTeam .com has suggested we start more threads. What is your (moderately realistic so no nuclear weapon hitting Finch Farm ffs) transfer window disaster scenario from this point onwards? My...
  14. orly

    Confirmed Signing Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    Welcome to Everton @Moomin Loads of sources claiming this is close. My word do we need him.
  15. orly

    New game: Complete the sentence (EFC edition)

    A new game for us all in pre-season. Someone starts a sentence and then the next three replies are possible endings. An example: Fraser Hornby is.... ..... the worst player I have ever seen in a senior Everton team ...... Marcel Brands' biggest challenge to shift ..... less coordinated than...
  16. orly

    Wilfried Zaha

    Welcome to Everton @Moomin £60m seems a lot :Blink: :Blink:
  17. orly

    Transfer Rumour Malcom

    #Welcome to Everton STRONG rumours of a bid from us, especially with The Ratfink likely to miraculously recover from his ankle injury. What do we think?
  18. orly

    Confirmed Signing Moise Kean

    #Welcome to Everton @Moomin Very solid rumour this one
  19. orly

    John Stones

    Welcome (back) to Everton @Moomin A lot of modest track-record Weasels in the Transfer Window thread think this is a goer. Thoughts? Think he is absolutely brilliant.
  20. orly

    Adolfo Gaich

    Welcome to Everton #WillkommenAdolfo @Moomin
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