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  1. BernieH

    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    Wishing injury on anyone is a bit distasteful, they're human beings at the end of the day.
  2. BernieH

    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Gutted I missed the game for once. Just going to start reading through but how did we play?
  3. BernieH

    Homepage Article Marco Silva’s Everton Statement

    No doubt he worked hard, he wasn't koeman in that regard he did graft but just couldn't make it work. A lot of misfortune too but overall too many losses.
  4. BernieH

    End for Unsworth?

    I didnt abuse him, i happen to like unsworth, jusf offering an opinion on why he may have been passed over
  5. BernieH

    End for Unsworth?

    After his last caretaker spell, it's not surprising he was overlooked really.
  6. BernieH

    Team Vitor!!!

    Munich I do believe.
  7. BernieH


    Not really, he posted it and sodded off without providing evidence, of course people will pull him up, it turns out he was right but nobody knew at that point.
  8. BernieH

    Next Manager (Poll)

    People go on about betting odds as if they are gospel, who cares what odds are, I don't gamble i don't care. Just want the board to get it done,notwhat bloody paddy power are saying to drum up business.
  9. BernieH

    Team Vitor!!!

    Bizarre comment, the only thing remotely similar is their nationality haha.
  10. BernieH

    Mayor Joe Anderson is unprofessional

    Spending time and tax payers money, what you think he is at work 24/7 do you.he's allowed to be football fan as well you know, jesus.
  11. BernieH

    Next Manager (Poll)

    Vitor has never worked in one of the top divisions, I am flabbergasted at the utter stupidity of our board.
  12. BernieH

    Team Vitor!!!

    I cannot believe we are targeting a manager who has done well in greece and portugal and has a relegation on his cv,wtf is wrong with Moshiri, it's a nightmare waiting to happen again.
  13. BernieH

    Team Vitor!!!

    won titles in Portugal and Greece, what could possibly go wrong :Blink:
  14. BernieH

    Silva sacked - Official thread

    The words "Everton begin their search", I mean ffs they should have been doing this for months.
  15. BernieH

    Duncan Ferguson - The Coach

    In charge eh
  16. BernieH

    2019/20 Marco Silva

    He can't stay in charge for chelsea, it's over, just let the guy go and crack on.
  17. BernieH

    Guess the time of the silva announcement.

    I said 7 come on you wasters
  18. BernieH


    And earn millions more, not like he'll miss it.
  19. BernieH


    love the way this guy posts in capitals and never responds to anybody, self important methinks
  20. BernieH

    2019/20 Marco Silva

    Yeah cry fapping doesn't quite do it