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    Homepage Article Duncan Ferguson “Won’t Ask For The Job”

    Plainly you're both right, and we need a permanent manager who can take us forward because adrenaline and effort will only take you so far, though the effort should always be there, and, for a lot of the time over the last few seasons, it's often been less than 100%. Incidentally, the reason...
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    Alan Myers

    Under the ITK Act of 2016 presumably ?
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    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    In almost any other game, Sidibe's performance would have got him MOTM, but today, Calvert-Lewin outshone him slightly by being an absolute menace and scoring a couple.
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    Alan Myers

    He's issued a statement as follows
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    2019/20 Richarlison

    6 in 16 now mate. Worked his bollocks off again today. It's not too late to accept you were wrong ...
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    Homepage Article The Appointment Of Duncan Ferguson

    They are, but they're the words of a man attempting to wriggle out of an obvious error. Which is what I'd expect from a politician who wanted to be PM, but you're better than that !
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    "The kick-off has been delayed by one minute to encourage fans to ‘take a minute’ to think about looking after their mental health as part of the FA’s Heads Up campaign."
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    Homepage Article The Appointment Of Duncan Ferguson

    That's a weird statement to make. Lampard was made boss at Chelsea, partly on the back of him making a good show of being a manager for a season in the Championship Solskjaer had experience of managing in England at Cardiff, all be it unsuccessfully, and experience of managing in Norway...
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    2019/20 Oumar Niasse

    Tosun's got 9 in 43 for us, which is marginally better Richarlison has 22 in 87 in the league ( including when he couldn't buy a goal after Silva for fired at Watford ) which is appreciably better Fair point like, and in his best season ( 2017/18 ), he scored 8, with roughly half of his...
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    2019/20 Oumar Niasse

    12 in 62 in the Premier League suggests he's not really a decent goalscorer.
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    All those worried about us going down should dig deep and stick £100 on us to help ease the pain a little. I'll keep my cash in my pocket though.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Your very first example of things which could change show a lack of knowledge of the project, so I hope you employ skilled Project Managers in your business. We will ( subject to planning permission ) be leasing the land from Peel. Also, cost of labour and materials will have upper and lower...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    I know about the three year timescale, I mentioned it here .. I'm a co-business owner, and, if you wait till everything is 100% nailed on, then you risk not growing your business effectively. At this point in time, if the board are 90%+ confident of securing the finances and have contractors...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    You might be right, but I think you're showing a massive lack of understanding of basic business decision making. The vast majority of the costs associated with putting in a planning application have already been incurred, so they might as well finish the first part of the job and put the...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    It's normally good for three years. If you've started work within three years then, so long as you hadn't obviously kicked things off just to get a tick in the box, you'd be allowed to complete. If you havn't started, you'd need to reapply, but, unless something material has changed in the...
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    So what are you doing to avoid the match on Wednesday?

    I've hopefully got a restricted view which is behind a post in the Lower Anfield Rd. In the unlikely event that we look like getting a result, I'll probably sneak a look round the pillar.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    To cut a long story/post short ... It's possible to redevelop Goodison, but it's not practical, and, long term, if we have a stadium on the river, in an area which is likely to be unrecognisable in 15/20 years time ( think Salford Quays decades ago to now, and then more so ) then it's a...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    You should take a walk round the stadium next time you're in the area, then you'll likely understand how difficult that would be.
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    How bad will Sunday get?

    Everton that