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  1. billyblue80

    Team versus Sheff Wed

    Pickford Sidibe Holgate Mina Digne Delph Davies Iwobi Richarlison Kean Bernard
  2. billyblue80

    Pace, tempo and pressing

    I've noticed we lack these three things so far this season(I know its only three games but watching MOTD last night it struck me how turgid we are compared to others right now). Is It new players bedding in (I hope it will get better when Iwobi/Kean start)or new players not starting? Is it the...
  3. billyblue80


    We look stale and out of form also the system we play isn't working. What changes would you make to our team to improve our form? Burnley was one of our best recent performances, so I would go 343. Bring in Mina and Kenny and move Bernard into the ten, move Richarlison back to the left and put...
  4. billyblue80

    Away record

    Our away record is a disgrace. Our mentality is all wrong. Our set up is wrong. We play with no left back. We have a team full of bottlers and a negative manager looking to secure draws rather than trying to win!
  5. billyblue80

    First out the door?

    Martina, Williams and Schneiderlin. Not good enough and cowards under three managers. I never want to see them in the team again. Which of our players would you like to see gone first?
  6. billyblue80

    Chopping and changing at the back

    I can't think of one successful team that chops and changes at the back so much, especially the two centre backs yet Sam and Ronald before him haven't stuck with a settled pair all season. Williams/Holgate were doing ok then he rotates and we lose, we beat Leicester with Jags and Keane he throws...
  7. billyblue80

    Anger at Big Sam appointment looks beyond the real issue

    Whilst everyone is going insane at the Big Sam appointment and I agree its grim. Let's look at why we are in really this mess in the first place, one the utter incompetence of the board, two the utter incompetence of our director of football who created an massively imbalanced squad along with...
  8. billyblue80


    Yes we've been very bad, application, organisation, mentality and confidence are all issues. But we've also got a big injury list. Nine players who would be involved, this hasn't helped in my view.
  9. billyblue80

    Gross incompetence

    The board have mishandled this badly. It has been clear since the few weeks into the start of the season, that we are in deep trouble.Dispensing with Koeman was the right call. But after a lucky lucky Watford win they should have hired a manager, this failure to do so for six long weeks, along...