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  1. tim cahill

    2 up front

    I've thought for a while that this would suit us. In DCL, Kean, Richarlison and Walcott we have forwards with pace that all prefer to play centrally. It remains to be seen how well Kean can do up front on his own but it's a big ask for a 19 year old up against 2 experienced CBs. I think all of...
  2. tim cahill

    Liverpool Echo’s derby combined XI predictions

    I reckon they’ll give us 4 players: Richarlison Sigurdsson Gomes Keane Reckon they’ll go higher or lower???
  3. tim cahill

    7th place

    At least 7th is still to play for. The other results are going our way at the moment!
  4. tim cahill

    Antonee Robinson

    Just been reading about this lad, a left back on loan at Bolton. Sounds like he’s been their best player this year and he’s in the whoscored championship team of the year (so far). He’s 20 years old, 6 foot tall, apparently he’s strong, quick, exciting going forward, very fit, a mature attitude...
  5. tim cahill

    Football men

    We are told that Allardyce and Walsh are ‘proper football men’. You would assume with their knowledge and experience in the game that they would make wiser decisions than the average fan. I’m not so sure. I was chatting to someone the other day and came to the conclusion that people in...
  6. tim cahill

    Song for Allardyce?

    Any ideas?
  7. tim cahill

    “Fans” that won’t support us if we get Allardyce

    Good riddance. Go and boo someone else instead. *mic drop
  8. tim cahill

    Lack of a striker isn’t our problem.

    Apparently... The problem at Everton isn’t the lack of a big name striker - Royal Blue Mersey I’m not sure I agree with this completely but it’s still an interesting read. DCL and Niasse are currently out...
  9. tim cahill

    Is our 2nd 11 better than our 1st 11?

    Looking at the 11 we started on Sunday: Pickford Kenny Jagielka Williams Baines Gueye Davies Lennon Mirallas Rooney DCL I don’t think we would be particularly weakened by playing our 2nd 11: Robles Martina Keane Holgate (erm...)Garbutt Beni Schneiderlin Lookman Vlasic Sigurdsson Niasse Note...
  10. tim cahill

    First name on the team sheet?

    With so many players out of form or injured and a new manager in charge it’s difficult to predict our starting 11 at the moment. Who would be the first name on your team sheet and why? (Apart from Pickford to make it interesting) (And don’t choose Baines if it’s just by default) I’m going...
  11. tim cahill

    Peter Reid on the echo's royal blue podcast

    It's great to hear him talking about Everton with such passion. Can't help but think it would be great for more people like him to be involved in our current setup. A few of the points he raised: Koeman needs to settle on a formation and play the same team so the players know what to do...
  12. tim cahill

    Which summer signings were a mistake?

    Like many on here, I was quite happy with the signings we were making in the summer. Looking at our performances since, we obviously could have spent better, but which of the signings do you think were a mistake? I'm going to go with Klassen. Signing him as well as Sigurdsson just seems like a...
  13. tim cahill

    The solution to our weakness out wide?

    We seem to be relying on our full backs/wing backs for width this season which isn't really working. Mainly because Baines isn't what he used to be, Holgate doesn't offer much going forward and Martina is just a bit crap. Do you think we've got any wingers that we could convert into an...
  14. tim cahill

    Best Everton fantasy player this season?

    Now for the most important question: Which Everton player will end up with the most fantasy premier league points? Obviously goals and assists are king in this game and clean sheets for defensive positions. Think Pickford offers the most value personally but Sigurdsson (if we get him) will...
  15. tim cahill

    Official Everton app

    It really is awful isn't it! The most recent match highlights are from the Bournemouth game. That was about 8 weeks ago. You'd think a club with over £100million coming in every year could afford to pay someone to update the official app occasionally.
  16. tim cahill

    Poll: Who is our 2nd best striker?

    I'm sure we can all agree that Lukaku is first choice up front for us but if he's unavailable who would you play in his place? *2 votes allowed in case you want to go retro and have 2 up front.
  17. tim cahill

    Most likeable Everton player ever?

    I'm going for Tim Cahill. Always loved his attitude. The likes of Rom could learn an awful lot from Cahill. Any others?
  18. tim cahill

    Kieran Dowell

    Has anyone seen much of this lad? He seems to be doing really well for the U21's. Reckon he could be involved in the first team sometime soon?
  19. tim cahill

    Captain for Wembley?

    Big honour to lead Everton out at Wembley and the right captain choice could have an big impact on us especially considering our form. Assuming Jagielka and Barry are unavailable who do you think would be the best man to lead the team for the semi?
  20. tim cahill

    Memories of EFC surprising you (in a good way!)

    I think it's fair to say that we need Everton to pull one out the bag if we're going to progress on Saturday. Our form is probably our worst for over 10 years but you never know what might happen at Wembley! Magic of theFA cup and all that... So when can you remember Everton really shocking you...