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  1. bol-uk

    January transfer window

    Fistly, first! Secondly, bed wetters are not welcome here, it's my thread and I'll cry if I want to, which I don't cos I am a positive and cheerful chap. It's gona be huuuuuge, the boss and Marce both know they have a lot to prove. I am guessing that most of our deadwood will have bee...
  2. bol-uk

    Player thread sponsor

    It's about time I became one given as GOT has cost me my marriage. My question is, who or what decides which player you actually sponsor? If I sign up, what happens then? I know I am late to the circus but what evs. Happy TDD
  3. bol-uk

    We are back at the top table.....?!

    No Eddie Howe though..
  4. bol-uk

    Pubs in Berlin showing the game

    long shot I know but, here with fam, anyone know any English (obligatory Irish) bars showing the game? Ta
  5. bol-uk

    Everton had more players on international duty than any other in the prem......

    ....for last weeks WC qualifiers. They also had more than any other team apart from Bayern Munich in the whole of Europe Is this a good thing? What else does it say about us? Shouldn't we be amazing?
  6. bol-uk

    OK, no new 1st team players - whats our best 11 and formation now?

    Howard Coleman Jags Distin Baines ? ? ? Pienaar ? ? Where to play Miralas,Gibson,Osman,felaini,vic and naismith? We despertely need to freshen things up some how, we need a joker card that can come off the bench and change things, we havn't got one!
  7. bol-uk


    OK Cannot find the old thread but really want at least one for Reading, would be willing to take 2 or 3 so can take the kids. Help me-you're my only hope :( jasonboff "at"hotmail"dot"com