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  1. LostLegend

    Everton Glory

    So I recently unearthed an old YouTube account of mine from around 10 years ago (long story short, I used to be a semi-pro musician and this account had a lot of my old material on it) Whilst browsing through my old ‘liked’ videos for nostalgia’s sake, I came across this vid. It was was...
  2. LostLegend

    Tyias Browning

    Other threads for him seem to be locked. Off to the Chinese Super League. Probably on abar £300k a week as well :lol: No mention of an exact fee though.
  3. LostLegend

    Everton v Espanyol

    Our last friendly before the new season starts and Koemans first game at Goodison. Line ups? Predictions? Pre-emptive fume/despair? Also just noticed that the OS isn't streaming this live, but is streaming a delayed broadcast at 5pm when the match is already over. As much as I love supporting...