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  1. Leeboy

    *IF*, We dont spend a penny

    What are / will we (the fans) do about it ? if anything? OR What can we do about it? Lee
  2. Leeboy

    Moyes's contract..

    The fact that the manager trying to sign a player hasnt comitted himself to the club IMO is the main reason players have changed their minds about joining us. According to that guy on sunday suppliment yesterday said fees and term have been agreed and players changed their minds. If...
  3. Leeboy

    What Would you Settle For

    HI guys, As like most of you i am livid about how the club i love is being "killed off", at this moment in time i could kill the next kopite that makes one of them snidey little remarks... anyway come saturday what wold it take for you to start feeling "blue" again about our club. For me...