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  1. Rudolf Hucker

    2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Jesus! I’d rather pump Rodney Marsh!
  2. Rudolf Hucker

    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    He runs his socks off when we don’t have the ball. No question of that, but he never runs with the ball. Everything is one touch with him. Great when it creates something, but often to no effect. Just wish he’d take a 2nd touch occasionally, drive into space, commit defenders while making...
  3. Rudolf Hucker

    2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    NEWS FLASH It’s not the lad's fault we don’t have Aguero & Jesus in the squad. He came into the side displacing Mirallas, because he offered more than him. £18million Niasse can’t displace him. £40million Tosun can’t displaced him. Theo Walcott (Arsenal & England, who can allegedly play up the...
  4. Rudolf Hucker


    Embarrassing! Not to mention the ecological impact of 39’000 pieces of single use plastic.... Utterly chringeworthy. Just stop it please.
  5. Rudolf Hucker

    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    I’d like to see Iwobi given a chance in place of him at Villa.
  6. Rudolf Hucker

    2019/20 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    If Delph was fit & Schneiderlin hadn’t been sent off this lad would have been given more time to be brought in gradually. Needs 10 games before judging him.
  7. Rudolf Hucker

    2019/20 Bernard

    Love him. Proper footballer.
  8. Rudolf Hucker

    2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    We finished 4th with Marcus Bent up top.
  9. Rudolf Hucker

    2019/20 Kevin Mirallas

    Hope Brands is working hard to get this waste of space off the books.
  10. Rudolf Hucker

    2018/19 Muhamed Besic

    Thank #### at least one of our surplus players actually wants to play football!!! Mirallas, Tosun, Bolasie will all be on higher wages than Besic. I don’t see them pushing for moves.
  11. Rudolf Hucker

    The wet pants thread

    Wake up still crying.
  12. Rudolf Hucker

    The wet pants thread

    If by hours you mean years, I concur.
  13. Rudolf Hucker

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Don’t understand all the bed wetting on here. Look at Brands/Silva first window (Richarlison, Mina, Digne, Gomes, Zouma). Every one turned out to be brilliant signing (Mina apart, due to injuries, but could still come good). Compare that to Walsh/Koeman windows. Gana apart, utter disaster...
  14. Rudolf Hucker


    You’ll need to wear your dad’s coat & a false moustache, otherwise they won’t let you in.
  15. Rudolf Hucker

    2018/19 Oumar Niasse

    I’m guessing he’s on less money than Mirallas or Tosun & definitely less than Walcott. I’d rather see him come off the bench than any of those 3, so we have bigger problems than him.
  16. Rudolf Hucker

    Ivan Rakitic

    He's got a point to be fair. I just can't decide.
  17. Rudolf Hucker

    Ivan Rakitic

    Away against homo teams Rakitic - Hess - Eichmann Fury - Jim Davidson - Pacquiao Ruthless & efficient. *** It’s a JOKE!!!
  18. Rudolf Hucker

    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Well it would appear Brands & Silva rate the lad. I’ll take that over some of the expert opinion on here.
  19. Rudolf Hucker

    2018/19 Morgan Schneiderlin

    Some on here seem to have forgotten that the entire squad were woeful around the end of Koeman’s reign & into Allardyce era. Clearly things were very badly wrong. We were being embarrassed in Europe by part timers. Some players seem to be blameless, others not.
  20. Rudolf Hucker

    Confirmed Signing Moise Kean

    Dixie Kean. I expect 60 goals, no less.