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  1. janus

    Match Thread Crystal Palace 0-0 Everton, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    didn't he say in his club interview when he joined that it would be another week before he was ready.
  2. janus

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    it might just be cos Kean's parents are from Ivory Coast...
  3. janus

    Commercial Revenue

    a typo I assume - I think they mean DBB (Denise Barrett-Baxendale) - the CEO.
  4. janus

    2018/19 Lucas Digne

    I would have assumed Baines would be first choice for the FA Cup rounds (however long they last - unless we get drawn against a top team and need pace there).
  5. janus

    Homepage Update: Scouse or English?

    lol - i'm happy to stand by them.. I didn't expect it to be a popular view, but I said it anyway.... we can now all move on the conclusion of the transfer window, to another mid-table season in the league and out of the cups before Christmas.
  6. janus

    Homepage Update: Scouse or English?

    if I was asked to choose between seeing Everton win the Premier League (or even a Cup), or England winning the World Cup... the answer is simple... England. i've seen Everton win the league/cups before in the 80s, so them doing it again would be nothing new for me... don't get me wrong, it...
  7. janus

    Transfer Rumour Everton poised to make £25m bid for Celtic full-back Kieran Tierney

    from Google cached version of the Telegraph page...
  8. janus

    Luke Garbutt

    isn't it 2 - I thought it was June 2020.. the same as Cuco.
  9. janus

    2017/18 Leighton Baines

    depending on where you are, you might be able to download the podcast.
  10. janus

    Match Thread Apollon Limassol - EL 6pm 07.12.17

    looking at the training video,there only seems to be 16 of them there... I think i saw Keane there.
  11. janus

    Sam Allardyce

    doubt it will have much effect on Sheedy - he now plies his trade in Saudi Arabia.
  12. janus

    David Unsworth - Temporary Manager

    I wouldn't have thought they'd be too many players there - most of them will be with their international / U21 squads.
  13. janus

    Thomas Tuchel

    as others have said, it is remarkable how much he looks like Gordon Lee (and will more in the future!).
  14. janus

    Match Thread Everton v Apollon Limassol

    Kenny is in the Europa squad.
  15. janus

    Homepage Update: Scared of the Change, Lad?

    i'm curious what you did in your situation - stick to your guns or bottle it?
  16. janus

    2017/18 Oumar Niasse

    if he's still here after all the windows close, at the very least he's an option for the League Cup match against Sunderland. don't forget in two weeks time, we have 4 matches in 9 days (Atalanta, United, Sunderland, Bournemouth) - we can't use the same forward line in all 4 and Rooney is in...
  17. janus

    Everton Draw Hajduk Split

    steady on - that's our under-23 manager you're talking about there. :)
  18. janus

    Everton Draw Hajduk Split

    ITV4 won't be an option as they're showing Women's Rugby World Cup live, C5 will be showing Big Brother... I wouldn't mind if they showed it on BT Sport Showcase as then I could watch it on Freeview.