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    Confirmed Signing Alex Iwobi

    We’ve been done over on the price if true
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    How fickle are our fans ?

    This is absolutely spot on - captured my thoughts perfectly
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    I read it as them refusing to discuss it last summer. Both spanish giants are struggling financially so think there’s a more than decent chance of him joining if we put the right offer in and he wants to join. I’m optimistic it’ll happen
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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    Linked with the palace right back in the mail. Looks a really good prospect to me
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    "Watch Classic Matches Again"

    Little bit bored so had a look through 84/85 season. I think most would consider our first choice team to have been Southall,Stevens, Van den Hauwe, Ratcliffe, Mountfield, Steven, Reid, Bracewell,Sheedy, Sharp and Gray. Anyway that side only started 14 games, winning 12 drawing 1 and only...
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    2017/18 Michael Keane

    Must be the weakest centre half ive ever seen - gets brushed off the ball by everyone!
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    Match Thread Crystal Palace vs Everton, 18/11/2017. KO @ 3pm GMT.

    It's a horrific amount of money when you compare him to those players , i'd be firing anyone who played any part in this summers recruitment, only the keeper looks anywhere near worth what we paid for him.
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    Sean Dyche

    Sky sports news reporting we'll be making an approach
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    Everton. I hate you.

    Feels like a lifetime ago
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    The Farhad Moshiri interview

    Thats an overly simplistic financial analysis - the growth in the wage bill will be massive - is that not considered an investment?is it not the clubs with the highest wage bill that finish at the top of the league?
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    Oxford United away 1986

    I remember listening on the radio and it felt like every second minute we were clean through but couldn't score - devastated not the word
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    Transfer Rumour Sandro Ramirez

    Happy days - seen him a few times last season for malaga - chuffed we got him. That dan meis is going to have to paint this new stadium red else i'm not going to have anything to whinge about this summer
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    What the hell is happening!!!!!!

    Our dealings do appear to have a lot more professional feel to them - no pondering/mulling overbids for months on end
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    Summer Transfer Window 2017

    £8m ffs... It's going to be a long summer with our crack negotiating team
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    Ashley Williams

    Minor point but i'm sure he played as the left sided centre half at swansea - could be having an impact on his performances. Been really disappointed so far with him
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    Tony Hibbert

    Although the last contract extension was bizarre to say the least you have to say hibbert and osman were treated poorly compared to howard who got a hero's send off
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    Ronald Koeman

    The major positive for me was that moshiri identified his main target and then delivered(subject to a muller-esque cock up) All with a minimum of fuss. Bodes well for the future
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    Where/when did it go all wrong for both Liverpool teams?

    in purely football terms it was the summer we spent our money on mcdonald, mccall, nevin and cottee. At the time we could afford and attract the best and what we bought were decent players who were a retrograde step on their predecessors.We then bought a half injured whiteside and the rest is...
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    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton, April 20th KO 20:00

    Can anyone think of a worse performance - i'm struggling. Absolutely awful
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    Homepage Update: Baines: We have no chemistry

    Baines gets thrown under the bus for stating what we can all see whilst lukaku actually gets praised for rubbing our noses in it. Lads a fraud - i want him gone come the summer