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    Bike Facilities at Goodison Park

    Does anyone on here cycle to Goodison? I'm a season ticket holder and I cycle to every home game. More and more people are cycling to games but there are issues with the bike storage facilities at the Park End, namely there are not enough spaces and those that are there are always blocked by...
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    The Big Match on Saturday...

    So who are we routing for... Villa or Fulham?
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    Has anyone heard anything of any pre-season fixtures? Where? When? etc?
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    Accrington Stanley Friendly

    Hi. Is anyone on this forum going to the Accrington Stanley friendly? I'm a bit stuck - I have a ticket for the game but the train times are absurd, takes about 3 hours to get there and the train back won't reach Lime St until the early hours of Thursday morning. Anyone driving and have a...
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    Swansea Away Ticket

    Hi. I'm after one ticket for Swansea away - can anyone help?