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  1. Dylan

    Unitt's gone!!!! She left us for Brum :(
  2. Dylan


    Yeah! After tonights win I m surprised to not see more bi-polarism from us explaining we have a killer team. Of course we will be right back to 'club is in the crapper' when we lose our next game. In the meantime..... COYB!!!!!
  3. Dylan

    Neville hopes to finish career at Everton

    Pip says he wants to play another two years and end his ca...........oh, I can't be bothered. Soundbites.,19528,11671_6979850,00.html
  4. Dylan

    The LCAB/THT Transfer summary thread

    Alright guys, I will keep track of the actual players here. Discussion will continue in 'The L.C.A.B. / THT Transfer Window #2' thread. I ask, that when LCAB or THT break a new lead, can you guys report the post, so I can get on it quickly and update this thread. Hopefully this makes it...
  5. Dylan

    Weir???? Coach???

    A mate of mine who is a Celtic fan (I type this with the fact he could be trying to wind me up in mind) just said on the news up north of the border they are reporting we have offered Weir a job as a coach when he leaves Rangers. Anyone heard anything about this?
  6. Dylan

    After match frustrations

    Yes we lost. Yes it was to Newcastle. Yes everyone is pissed. There is no need to act like MELTS. There is no need to attack your fellow forum members Any tittish behavior is going to be dealt with by cards. Enough cards and you get a suspension. You have been warned.
  7. Dylan

    I am truely impressed.......

    That this forum isn't in meltdown. I know we still have time, but usually at this point in the transfer window Evertonians are on the verge of suicide awaiting the announcement of the next Riquelme, Rodrigo, Fernandes, Moutinho or Van de Vaart. (see what I did there, there is one rubbish...
  8. Dylan

    Gerrard pays Arteta.........a compliment????,19528,11671_6310613,00.html Didn't see that one coming!!!
  9. Dylan

    Everton season review 09/10 Video

    Hope this hasn't been posted yet (did a half-assed search). Thanks to SusieH for whipping it up. Best watched in 720p :D
  10. Dylan

    Joao Silva,19528,11671_6120931,00.html Looks like this one is done!
  11. Dylan

    Memories.........sweet, sweet memories.

    Post yours here:
  12. Dylan


    Yes we are out of Europe without a whimper. Yes I am mad. But I am thankful for one thing. The knee-jerk reactions. We are so bi-polar it almost isn't funny (but thankfully it is). We are now back to being terrible players who couldn't cut it in a Sunday league after being potential league...
  13. Dylan


    Toffees come unstuck at Goodison Is there anything more unoriginal than this headline. It is continually used and is just.....boring. Witty reporting is definitely a thing of the past.