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  1. Lowste

    The Football Special

    Apologies if in wrong forum Just wondering when the footy special stopped, and why it was stopped I can remember Amberline becoming popular around the time, but sure this was after the special had stopped Do any other teams still operate it, or is it simply coaches and cars now...
  2. Lowste

    John Hartson - Everton

    Hartson on the Radio today and he was talking about the shift in power in the Prem, he talked about the TV money and how it has created a more balanced Prem with no easy result He the said he can see an Everton, Palace, Stoke, Watford or Spurs winning the Prem in the next 5 years I sat there and...
  3. Lowste

    A section in the ground for bells

    Should we create an area in the ground were people who fall into the Bell category or want to be part of this cult, can sit in perfect harmony and boo and moan.
  4. Lowste

    Everton getting it right

    Apologies if in the wrong forum I have just attended a funeral at Anfield Crematorium for a fella I knew. He was a great Blue and worked as a steward on the Park End, for a good few years. At the funeral there was representatives from the Stewards, but also Everton sent Darren Griffiths and...
  5. Lowste

    5 games into the season

    When the fixtures were released, I think a good percentage of us all had a certain amount of concern. A good start to the season can set you up for the remainder of the season A poor start to the season can cause unrest in the fan base lack of confidence around the team, and as we seen last...
  6. Lowste

    Young Blue

    just wanting to know if I can register my new Grandson as a young Blue or something on them lines
  7. Lowste

    Ripple effect

    I know we have had many threads over booing and the rights and wrongs of it, but wanted to add a twist. One area that concerns me is the constant abuse that YOUNG Barkley is receiving, this abuse for me is totally out of order. It is not just this that concerns me, it is the ongoing threat of...