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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Totally agree he lacks a strikers instinct, he either has it or he doesn’t and am afraid he doesn’t
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    1995-2020 = the longest barren spell without silverware in Everton's history

    If we get linked with the likes of Welbeck it will be a while yet before that trend changes
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    Transfer Rumour Danny Welbeck

    Should we not start a silly season thread and put this in there. No wonder we are classed as small time amongst the media now, if we are linked to the likes of this sick note.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Can we not mention this players name on here again, as I would like to think that we have ambition. This guy was linked about 5 years ago we have moved on since then
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    2018/19 Cenk Tosun

    This guy won’t go, he is happy picking up his wage and hardly playing, dream scenario for him.
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    Match Thread Tottenham Hotspur v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Why hasn’t Silva picked some of the U23s over Sniderlain Tosun and Walcott who all should be binned in the summer
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    2018/19 Yerry Mina

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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I think this summer we will see what sort of ambition our board have, we have to keep our better players and sign some quality. Come on Everton show some balls
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    2018/19 Idrissa Gueye

    Why do some fans want our best midfielder sold? It will take a lot of money and time for the new guy to bed in to our way, as Silva says. I have an idea let’s build a team with him in it, then maybe we may progress like spurs have done.
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    Its quite sad to think not long ago we were above spurs, now we our so far behind them. We think so small time now as a club, stadium for example, they build 60k plus we are messing about with 52k and ours is probably still 4 years off
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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    I think it hits home when spurs and the redSh&£# can put origi and morer on and the impact they have, we don’t even have a 1st team striker who can finish
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    2018/19 Cenk Tosun

    Just come out and said he is staying long term at Everton, seems quite happy picking up his wags and doing naïf all. Get shut that’s what I say
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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    I would love you to be right, however I just don’t see a striker in DCL, maybe in the championship but not top 6 in prem
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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    How many chances did Mitrovic create for himself and team mates against a defense that has not conceded in 3 games and how many chances did DCL create against a team that have lost the last 9 games? I will leave it there
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    2018/19 Seamus Coleman

    Alex Ferguson had a knack of selling players at the right time, we just keep hold of ours until they retire, we need to get rid he is a liability
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    2018/19 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    We need to sell
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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    To score goals you need to have instinct, DCL does not have this, a lot of the time when a ball is played into the box he is flat footed, will never ever be a top striker
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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Can we sell him while he is playing
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    Match Thread Fulham v Everton; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Please take Coleman off he is absolutely gash