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  1. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    Didn’t Cork have an amateur team called Everton that Dennis Irwin played for?
  2. scullhed

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Liked how he sounds on sky sports news tonight. Proper blue!
  3. scullhed

    Neville Southall

    Flippin’ Dodgy Lansdowne Rd. Pitch
  4. scullhed

    Everton extends kit deal with Umbro

    86 you mean.....
  5. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    The 1st replay League cup final v Villa at Hillsborough we were moved out of the overflowing leppings lane into the stand to the left. I have clear memories of Freddy with his back to the play, orchestrating our singing just before Latch equalized. A proper blue.
  6. scullhed

    2018/19 Kieran Dowell

    A year long loan to Sheffield Utd seems like an obvious solution? Then he can’t score at Goodison against us ! If he improved sufficiently as a top level player, then we take him back . Otherwise we sell him next year
  7. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    Think I've tracked you down Eggs, love your heritage!
  8. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    Strange one, Gary Jones. My old man used to say that he’d freely admit that if he wasn’t playing he was happy if we lost so he might get back in the team. When he moved to a Brum,I remember him being sent off for sarcastically applauding the ref over a decision. Ahead of his time?
  9. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    Maurice Pratt.... blast from the past! My late father-in-law lived his entire life in Dalkey where Peter Farrell was from. Said that as kids,the entire population of kids would follow him around the town when he was home. A superstar of his time. In the early 80s he had a shoe shop in Dun...
  10. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    Was there too
  11. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    Pretty sure that’s from his first spell,the kit is wrong for 82/83. It’s the same kit as he’s wearing in the semi final at Villa park v WHU. (See picture on the left !)
  12. scullhed

    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    In some ways there’s a benefit to coming 7th and not getting Europe. If we end up there we’re clearly building
  13. scullhed

    Ross Jack

    Saw him play in a reserve match at goodison,don’t remember the details ,but I think Martin Murray was playing too.Very niche cult figure!
  14. scullhed

    First Everton Goal of Your Life

    First goal I saw live ..Big Bob away at burnley in ‘74.lost 3-1 First goal in life.. Dec 7th ‘68. Alan Ball away at Arsenal.lost 3-1 as well Seems like a theme started ! We did win 7-1 v Leicester the day before I was born. (Never been forgiven for being the cause of my Dad and Uncle missing...
  15. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    Just checked online, apparently we're both wrong... We won 3-0. I remember Cliff Marshall playing.
  16. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    Was that match not a 3-1 win Joey66? I could be wrong, I was only 6,and traumatised by having my 'silk' scarf robbed out of the car by a disgruntled brum fan
  17. scullhed

    January 2019 Transfer Window

    The moment in the first half of the semi final when he slid in on one knee and took the ball off Barmby, stood up, and played a simple ten yard pass to Limpar..... Ahhh. And a crunching tackle on Juninho in the first 5 minutes to leave him uninterested and in the paddock? That's what wins...
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    Max 9 PL teams in the next round, if I'm right? Just make sure we're one of them
  19. scullhed

    Old Everton Pictures

    Am I right in thinking that's Lee carsley with hair?