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  1. magicjuan

    Transfer Rumour Danny Welbeck

    No. Niet. Nein. No kin way.
  2. magicjuan

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Lad I know, Utd fan who works at Stoke's academy, told me he spoke to Gueye last Saturday in the Trafford Centre and asked him if he was going to Utd, he said he was going nowhere now PSG isn't an option. Said he was very happy at Everton. No idea if he was there but the lad I know has no...
  3. magicjuan

    Bill Kenwright

    Even if that was the case, which I'm far from convinced of, there have been many missed opportunities since then. The one 'businessman' Bill did bring on board choked the life out of it. It was that era, post KD fiasco, right up to post DK fiasco that killed the optimism and opportunity in this...
  4. magicjuan

    General ineptitude

    I seem to have woken up in January
  5. magicjuan

    So, you think you really know football?

    "Have I got a second series?".
  6. magicjuan

    If Silva is sacked - who could/should we get?

    Crap scouse impression...
  7. magicjuan

    Win big or win blag?

    96th minute offside goal while Salah lies injured in our half and we've played on... Just for der bantz/fume/fatwas and turds in the post giggles Oh and they've had 17 perfectly good goals ruled out ;)
  8. magicjuan

    Match Thread Cardiff City v Everton- Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    They're all off their tits that's why :)
  9. magicjuan

    Two Tribes

    Like watching your family get raped... Not one of his better lyrics ;)