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  1. TippEverton

    BT Sport Films - tonight 9pm - Two Tribes - Merseyside football through the 80's

    Just got round to watching it, and didn't really enjoy it. Only bare mentions of our cup win in 84, and the 87 league win. They showed a bit of our 85 triumph but it still dwarfed the coverage of their 86 win. That Hansen handball is horrible to watch and it was before my time. Thought...
  2. TippEverton

    2018/19 Seamus Coleman

    Absolutely top class today, well in Seamus. Sixty grand, sixty grand.
  3. TippEverton

    Match Thread Everton v Arsenal - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Back to work with you lad. It was a great opportunity when he fluffed his control, come on Richy lad FFS. Great first half, same again blues.
  4. TippEverton

    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    There are other managers, although I got a laugh when someone had a pop at people wanting him at half time yesterday, like they've never watched Everton before. Anyone but Silva, but not Benitez.
  5. TippEverton

    2018/19 Seamus Coleman

    [Poor language removed] off, prick.
  6. TippEverton

    Phil Neville

    Can't stand Phil Neville myself but is this not really old news ?
  7. TippEverton

    2018/19 Seamus Coleman

    Is this absolute state of a post allowed on here these days. FFS
  8. TippEverton

    Harry Melt Face Redknapp

    Honestly, does anyone give a toss what any of them Redknapp's think. In fairness, we're not exactly a banker to beat West Ham though.
  9. TippEverton

    Homepage Update: Assessing the Initial Start

    Delighted with this break and only just only copped we're playing Wales during it, that's how arsed I am with international football. Who, if any, of our injured players could return against West Ham ?
  10. TippEverton

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Anyone further information on Evans' progress, nice first goal there, watched him couple of years back and he was the real stand out player despite being the youngest.
  11. TippEverton

    2018/19 Seamus Coleman

    But I can understand that but there seems to be a fair bit of venom about his form and given his long lay off I thought he'd be afforded more than five games into the season. We also disagree that he was poor back end of last season, I thought he was more than adequate, I didn't hear or read...
  12. TippEverton

    2018/19 Seamus Coleman

    Lad you think Mounie of Huddersfield is a 'beast', you really haven't got a clue. Sad to see fans turning so viciously on Seamus five games into the new season, actually think the summer break came at the wrong time for him. Hopefully he gets back to the player he can be.
  13. TippEverton

    Everton v Huddersfield Town - Preview

    Give it a rest with the rat shouts lads, FFS. COYB
  14. TippEverton

    2018/19 Jordan Pickford

    And just imagine how quick you'd have been on here if he had. Do you even like Everton lad ?
  15. TippEverton

    2018/19 Ademola Lookman

    As weird as it is I think most get your thinking of Lookman by now. Don't think there's any need to mouth off about other Everton players to prove it.
  16. TippEverton

    The atmosphere at Goodison

    Exactly, and it depends obviously on what's going on during the game, plenty of atmosphere at the bridge now, helped by four first half goals naturally.
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    Oh FFS finners.
  18. TippEverton

    Match Thread Everton v Southampton

    He is on the bench.
  19. TippEverton

    Match Thread Everton v Southampton

    Indeed, but Mina is injured, soon though.
  20. TippEverton

    Thanks mate, much appreciated.

    Thanks mate, much appreciated.