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  1. dylan.

    Everton that.

    The Everton v Watford match on the 8th of December has "Everton That" written all over it.
  2. dylan.

    GOT Player of the Season 2017/18

    We've been calling for a decent goalkeeper to be signed for the last 3/4 years and his impact this year shows exactly why we've been calling for a signing in that position. The board must be inept to be blind to something so fundamental! I fully expect our next acquisition at left back to win...
  3. dylan.

    Homepage Update: Everton Sack Sam Allardyce

    At last, it's over!
  4. dylan.

    So let's rewind 5 years....

    This thread is enough Internet for me today.
  5. dylan.

    Sum up Allardyce in no more than 5 words

    The Big Bad Bisto Botherer
  6. dylan.

    This is NOT my Everton. This is DISGUSTING!!!

    Baby don't hurt me
  7. dylan.

    Homepage Update: Everton v Swansea. Monday 18th December - 8.00pm

    One benefit of playing on a Monday evening is that a weekend can’t be ruined!
  8. dylan.

    2017/18 Ashley Williams

    Quite possibly the quickest ever turnaround
  9. dylan.

    Martinez out - post Arsenal poll

    I'm really looking forward to tonight's new poll.
  10. dylan.

    Magnificent Seven

    No wingers or keepers in that list, strong spine but no limbs.
  11. dylan.


    All the above alongside the Monday Night Club and Friday Night Preview 5 Live podcasts, Ian Wright's Absolute Radio show and The Blue Room.