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    Match Thread Everton v Watford. Saturday 23rd October. 3pm

    Dobbin and Gordon over Rondon and Iwobi.
  2. ToffeeMonster

    2021/22 Demarai Gray

    Gray is performing how you'd expect Sancho to be, and Sancho is performing how you'd expect Gray to be. Difference is one cost 85 million more.
  3. ToffeeMonster

    Belfast Club Shop

    We should focus more about performances on the pitch as opposed to trying to act like we're a bigger club than we are.
  4. ToffeeMonster

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    I’d say about 5000
  5. ToffeeMonster

    Match Thread Man Utd v Everton. Saturday Oct 2nd.12.30 pm

    Let’s just hope they don’t score more than 3.
  6. ToffeeMonster

    Talent identification

    Yea because we can simply just steal the scouts of a team in a better position than us.
  7. ToffeeMonster

    2021/22 James Rodriguez

    By far our most talented, high-profile and greatest beacon of hope we've had in years though.
  8. ToffeeMonster

    2021/22 James Rodriguez

    Such a sad end to his career, had potential to be one of the best players of his generation but failed due to his lacklustre body. When he signed, it gave Everton worldwide publicity, banners in Times Square, Columbia and many more, it lloked like a new era and bright future for our club, but...
  9. ToffeeMonster

    2021/22 Ben Godfrey

    No player comes back the same from Covid from what I've seen, gonna be a few month before we see last season Godders back.
  10. ToffeeMonster

    Everton and Refs

    Delete this utter crap.
  11. ToffeeMonster

    2021/22 Demarai Gray

    Hopefully we can get some loans in in Janurary then.
  12. ToffeeMonster

    Match Thread Aston Villa v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    More trophies and a European cup
  13. ToffeeMonster

    Match Thread Aston Villa v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    They're more successful than us like, maybe not as big in terms of following but they are still on our level.
  14. ToffeeMonster

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    Get behind the man or you're a bad blert.
  15. ToffeeMonster

    2021/22 James Rodriguez

    We literally cannot recruit because of FFP. Have you seen how much we've spent over the past few years?, probably not because you only came when James arrived. He literally stated that he didn't know who we were playing the other week, don't let your love for him blind you.
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