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    2021/22 Anthony Gordon

    No, hence me pointing out they are 'guesses' and adding I was only born in the 80s. Coming back to the original point... If you played 45 minutes in one game and 45 in another, during those 45 minute spells, you would be able to play at a higher intensity than over 90 minutes in a single game...
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    2021/22 Anthony Gordon

    I'm not sure what winning games in the 60s and 70s has to do with Gordon maintaining a high press and tackle ratio. However I'll make a couple of guesses; 1. The game was played a a slightly slower pace, therefore allowing players more time to recover. This negates as much need for subs. 2...
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    2021/22 Anthony Gordon

    Pressing, sprinting and pressuring over 90 minutes is far tougher on the body than doing it in one game for 60 minutes, then the next as a 60 minute substitute.
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    2021/22 Anthony Gordon

    Granted, this will come down the more 90 minutes he plays. It's very much in contrast to Iwobi pulling out of 50-50s.
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    EFC Players Out On Loan 2021-22

    According to my 'D' grade in GCSE French, according to reports, I think Nkounkou played well yesterday.
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    2021/22 Ellis Simms

    Liam Walsh went for £1m.
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    2021/22 Anthony Gordon

    Anthony becoming part of the first team squad and progressing with England is really important for us. It's been well covered in the Youth team thread since the 'Thierry Small debacle', how many of the talented youngsters in our system don't see a way into the first team squad. Having lost...
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    Would things drastically change if Benitez left tomorrow?

    We have to many players who know that they will never get paid more than what they are getting now at Everton. They are comfortable in their ambitions and are not bothered about trying to hit that next level, as the have settled for what they have. I also think this is the same problem Man Utd...
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    If Everton had the capacity to spend in January...

    It's funny that our best stocked positions on the pitch are currently the ones that need addressing most. Only Allan, Doucoure, and Mina seem to be able to give relatively consistent performances at centre back/ centre midfield. A new CB, CM, RB, LB, and RM are needed. Still a lot of clearing...
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    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    If he can play on the right, I'm up for that.
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    2021/22 Anthony Gordon

    Agreed. The most important thing is he continues to get the minutes every game and becomes more used to the pace, intensity and responsibility of being on the pitch. Starting every game will burn him out, especially in the rut that we seem to be in at the moment. I don't know if he'll ever...
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    Match Thread Wolves v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Midfield 3 of Delph, Allan and Townsend next game. God knows who starts in defense!
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    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    I'd call BS on all three of those Zat.
  14. sw blue

    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    Could of gotten him instead of Gbamin in 2019. The price would have been about the same. He has too much prestige about him now to come here.
  15. sw blue

    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    Your right, great lad! This is the first step on the road to becoming a genuine ITK!
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