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    Transfer Rumour Santiago Sosa

    Seems like a more skilful Gana to me from that link.
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    Confirmed Signing Jonas Lossl

    Lols. Pretty sure on our bench is a better life than playing in Huddersfield in the Championship every other week!
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    Confirmed Signing Jonas Lossl

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    Bolton in Crisis(EFC Related)

    Ffs mate, cheer up! ;)
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    GOT Player of the Season... as voted !!

    I'd be happy to take over the mantel next season if it means getting to come up and meet the winner. Defo won't change it to whomever is my fave player, honest!! (Seamus/Dom) :Blink:;)
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    Everton extends kit deal with Umbro

    Is he playing rugby?? Damnit!! :eek::mad:
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Same way Leeds got to Europe under O'Leary, bunch of young lads come up through the academy.
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    seating alternatives, help!

    That wasn't an option McB...
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    Everton Fan Survey

    Done. Also one of the best presented questionnaires I've ever done...
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    Season 2018/19 retrospective

    Enough to be four positions higher and in Europe if this had been last year...
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    Season 2018/19 retrospective

    Looking at this year's table and last's, last year's points would have left us 11th or something this year, and this year's would have got 7th last year.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Why would it being smaller mean the seats will be closer to the touchline? The extra seats/space are going to be at the back, not the front. Surely that's more to do with design than capacity?
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Not sure, but he's a fair bit taller than the old fella presenting his trophy. Bit more info from the article for ppl who were asking.
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Tbf, that many every 2 or 3 seasons would be a great return for the academy. I think that there is an issue of already having a lot of young players in/around the senior squad already, so there's a bit of a bottle neck. Didn't we already have one of the youngest squads in the prem? Not sure we...
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    And they were wrong.