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  • Hahaha, I love you pesko. Yes I did use it before, I think I used something else in this one or the week before which is duplicated too and I was hoping I would get away with it.

    Running out of material mate, that's my problem. The cheap stereotypes can only mask it for so long.
    I'm just giving him a valuable lesson in the harsh world of publication for which one day I hope he'll thank me pesko.
    Ha, I don't think anyone got it. Yea, Mission Beach, we've found a couple of places we really like, we just need to sort out numbers. The 2 we've found are in that area, so I'm guessing we'll be around there somewhere! Looks a pretty sweet area!
    Right on! However, expect me to make you look like Pele ;-)

    I'd frickin love a game, I'm defo over in August 2012. Currently looking for some nice places to stay. Think there could be about 10 of us coming over (its a friends wedding). So we're thinking of hiring a beach house or something
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