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    Your Everton Manager

    John O'Kane did a job mind.
  2. Number_25

    Your Everton Manager

    Other than Danny Williamson, did Kendall make any bad signings in his third stint here?
  3. Number_25

    25 Years.

    In fairness, a club with the history and stature of us should be embarrassed by the fact that it has been nearly 30 years since we won something of note.
  4. Number_25

    Jonjoe Kenny

    Reading the Schalke forums, he's a very hot and cold sort of player for them. I think he can do a job for us going forward.
  5. Number_25

    Players you were happy we signed but turned out to be pants, and vice versa.

    Sandro was a tremendous disappointment, but for me it has to be Andy van der Meyde. For two or so seasons he was one of the best crossers in Europe, but just fell apart here. Good to hear he's doing alright these days.
  6. Number_25

    Ronald Koeman

    Hoping he's alright.
  7. Number_25

    Club Statement: Coronavirus

    One of the suggestions is to msimply have a PPG model to finish off the season: Position Diff Team PPG 1 0 Liverpool 2.82758620689655 2 0 Manchester City 2.03571428571429 3 0 Leicester City 1.82758620689655 4 0 Chelsea 1.6551724137931 5 0 Manchester United 1.55172413793103 6 1...
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    Everton 3-0 Arsenal - 6 April 2014

    Distin and Jagielka's legs fell off after this, and we were never the same.
  9. Number_25

    Stoke fan here in peace...

    Generally how do you see Stoke City the club – a rival? Non-entity? Certain type of club? Disdain? Admiration? Pity?! As a fixture – is it of general appeal? Post-Pulis you lot struggled to really stamp any sort of appeal. The Britannia was always a hard away game, especially with the home...
  10. Number_25

    Club Statement: Coronavirus

    I miss you, Everton.
  11. Number_25

    Wools - Why are you an Evertonian?

    When I started getting into football, my dad (who supported them since the 60s as they were the team everyone supported) seized on the opportunity to tell me about Everton beating United 5-0. Only problem is, it was 9 years before I were even born(!) Been having a go at him since, the cruel...
  12. Number_25

    does everton have a problem with toxic fans??

    110% yes, but it's one of the main reasons why I support our glorious club.
  13. Number_25

    Potential cancellation of games - Coronavirus

    We should just scrap the league at this point.
  14. Number_25

    2019/20 Moise Kean

    Niasse offers more.
  15. Number_25

    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Look at the statistics from when he was moved from 10 to wide. I'd agree that he wasn't exactly world beating at 10, but he did offer a lot more.
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