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    2019/20 Michael Keane

    Brilliant that he's spoken about it, raising awareness that it's okay as a professional sportsman to say your struggling. Its also okay as a fan of Everton Football club to say he ain't good enough and you don't have to apologise for that. Being a pro footballer is tough, that's why loads end...
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    FA Cup Final 1995

    I think you're right there. And as I recall it we were on the way to qualifying with only 5 minutes left but Arsenal then came from behind with 2 quick goals to win their game and finish above us. Everton that. Haven't checked but we must hold the record for the number of times finishing one...
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    FA Cup Final 1995

    Bloody hell mate that's grim, glad you walked away from it though with just a few bumps and bruises. Such a weird game that. I honestly never felt we would lose that day. The players just all looked calm, we had a game plan and the players stuck to their tasks from first whistle to last. I...
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    1969/70 League Champions

    Yep, think your first game was 1971
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    I think Sportspesa took the piss during the deal. I think this is something that's been found jusy on the website mate so even though it looks bad, ain't directed at us (even though it is in a grim kind of way)
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    Apparently they've already removed it. Give em 25 years and they can shove it back up again. Under Carlo we'll have success. Whether that be a trophy or CL qualification I ain't sure. But he's the best of the best by some distance and he'll prove it again.
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    Bring Back Mr Testicles

    Phil Jagielka looks very much like him in that pic.
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    Deffo mate, I'd hope it'll be boxed off so we see it emblazoned on the shirt
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    I think Hummel tweeted yesterday that the kit design will be released in a couple of weeks.
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    Spot on that
  11. maccavennie

    2019/20 Richarlison

    See the way Rom only said he was good though, not great. Well jealous of Rico still playing for Everton.
  12. maccavennie

    2019/20 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    Never say never innit. Literally just depends how sharp they are on their return and if they can catch the rs cold. No doubt that lot will look like they've only needed a weekends break.
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    Need to find a way to get some Chevrons on it
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    More Chevrons on this please.
  15. maccavennie


    More Chevrons please.
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