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    Seventh Place

    Yeah I just had to edit my post mate as I didn't include the draw ( I like the optimism though ;) ) At least two wins and I think that would get us 7th. If we play at the top of our game we can definitely go to Palace and get a win, bit anything resembling the Fulham performance and it's...
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    Seventh Place

    That'll put us on 55 mate ( 2 wins ) edit sorry mate I've just seen you've got us down for a draw against Spurs ;) I think we'll finish on 53 myself with a draw, win and defeat and I think we'll just miss out by a point to Watford. One thing for sure though, at least it feels like we are...
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    2018/19 Ademola Lookman

    Whatever it is, when he has had opportunities ( no matter how small ) he hasn't taken his chances imo and so can't complain. Be interesting to see if we get any offers for him this summer whether we decide to sell this time
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    Match Thread Crystal Palace v Everton (Sat 27th 15:00)

    I'll take a 1-0 win for us shinned in off Calvert Lewin in the 94th minute. It's a must win isn't it, I think we might just fall short of 7th due to that Fulham game. I reckon it'll be a point at Palace, best Burnley and our seasonal stuffing at Spurs
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    2018/19 Marco Silva

    If we get beat against Palace next week I'll want the fraud out mate ;)
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    2018/19 Lucas Digne

    The more I watch him the more I think why the hell did Barca let him leave for 18m! Some folk may say we over spent on Mina but I'd say we underspent by about 25m on Digne, the lad is just pure quality
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    2018/19 Marco Silva

    That run between December, Jan and Feb really was horrific. Nearly 30% of the season where we just stumbled to 11 points out of 39 was diabolical Anything close to reasonable form would have seen us not far off 4th/5th/6th, certainly a very clear 7th which is where we should be
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    2018/19 Kurt Zouma

    They'd be looking for 35m+ imo A lot of money that for us on a centre back, especially after we spent 27m on one who hasn't managed a clear run of games this season still. He's been quality since the break though, him and Keane have in the main looked solid as a rock
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    2018/19 Idrissa Gueye

    You called it during Jan BT so fair play. I said we should have taken the money as he isn't as vital as what you were saying. I still think I was right....until he decided to elevate his performances like you mentioned ( the last 6 bar Fulham ) to epic proportions and then he suddenly becomes...
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    2018/19 Theo Walcott

    Should have squared it BUT credit where it's due, he backed himself and slotted it superbly. Looked like he needed that goal for himself so well done Theo, good contribution.
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    2018/19 Bernard

    That was a very Pienaar display today. That dummy he sold Young today was just absolutely magic
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    2018/19 Lucas Digne

    Oh yeah ov course Dario don't wanna upset the neighbours like lol
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    2018/19 Lucas Digne

    Silva said it was a minor thing mate and nothing to worry about
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    2018/19 Richarlison

    That goal Rico, that was just lovely mate and made my Easter that
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    2018/19 Michael Keane

    Agreed mate. That was a top centre half performance from them both