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    2018/19 Kurt Zouma

    Was never going to happen unfortunately. Well not under a transfer ban at least. zouma is too good a player for them to let go without replacement. Can't imagine what his price tag will be if we did sign him. Chelsea milking everyone for as much as they can so they have a warchest next summer
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    Confirmed Signing Fabian Delph

    Good signing. Massive upgrade on McCarthy besic and dare I say Davies Plus it's another winner in the squad. A far cry from Steve walsh's relegation battler squad
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    Confirmed Signing Fabian Delph

    This is something I said some months ago. Perhaps it would explain why I think this is a good move. When we were going through a two month bad spell in the league, who did we have to change things ? Silva had practically half a squad to use considering how many weren't good enough or on loan...
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    Confirmed Signing Fabian Delph

    Haha wow. Delph can replace maccarthy and besic in the squad, who both played no games between them all season. For 8 million and has been part of a title winning city squad coached by guadiola? Seriously people are complaining? What's next , slagging a new Winger off who is replacing...
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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    O think to some extent, if a player linked is over 25 then we aren't after him
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    Everton bunk beds

    I'm confused how that is a goodison park bed
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    Marcel Brands

    By rights, Coleman on the decline so sign a new right back to take his spot and the young back up is getting a year of top flight German football in the process
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    Transfer Rumour Santiago Sosa

    I wonder how much truth is in this story?
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    Sky sports are reporting that gomes is taking over as manager and Silva is dropping into the playing squad after this transfer
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    Henry Onyekuru

    Leander something new today cheers.
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    Henry Onyekuru

    Curious thought. Perhaps just earned one by being in europe playing rather than his home country. Work permits and the rest are less strict in other countries
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    Sell to Buy

    Selling players that won't make the team and replacing them with ones who will. That's good business. Think for any genuine concerns in this thread, people forget that if we didn't sell to buy then we couldnt afford the wages for the new players?
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    2018/19 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Strange one is siggurdson. At the point of a lot of good things last season and one of the causes for the poor form as well. Short term he is a goalscoring playmaker for us and the upturn in form by the end of the season suggests we now have a settled team. Long term he will be replaced...
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    Henry Onyekuru

    No mate. We could be after the world's best footballer but if he plays in some obscure ranked 190th on the world country we would struggle to get a work permit
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    2018/19 Nikola Vlasic

    Shame. Reckon this lad has a very big future.