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    Kenshin replied to the thread Transfer Rumour Gabriel (Lille).
    How so?
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    Best Dean Southall Coleman Worst Siggurdson Sandro Van de meyde Although there is plenty of best for Moyes era
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    Kenshin replied to the thread Damage to Dixie Dean statue.
    Same as the celebrations. The echo ran deflective stories to every bad piece of news that was happening. Almost like they were trying to spin everything so it wasn't negative towards the kopites
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    Kenshin reacted to Lelouch's post in the thread Mindset with Like Like.
    It's not even about mindset tbh, We have players who don't want to put the effort in apart from a few simple as that, When it's half time and your CM pairing has made a total of 2 tackles, That isn't mindset is it? No one wants to dig deep every...
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    Kenshin commented on orly's profile post.
    Given you have a game of thrones quoting account you have given yourself away having 2 accounts after being banned big time here fella.
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