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    2018/19 Ademola Lookman

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    Yeah it's a widely held opinion that his management style and tactics are now dated. Even if he'd consider taking the reigns at Everton, it might be the worst move we could possibly make.
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    I'm NEVER optimistic going into a derby, BUT the pressure is definitely on them this time and we've basically got nothing to lose (apart from our pride, but we kinda lost that ages ago anyway).
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    That's the spirit
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    Although he would be one of the most expensive managers we could even consider appointing and it's commonly considered that he's past it. Sooooo... possible they're right?
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    Absolutely no way Silva is getting sacked this season
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    We were awful then though @Eggs
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    2018/19 Jordan Pickford

    Sweet baby Jesus. :eek:
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    2018/19 Michael Keane

    Annnnnnnnnnnnd, we'll see. He's no world-beater, but he's getting better already IMO.
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    2018/19 Cenk Tosun

    He's our best striker and I'm happy for us to persevere with him. Could we do with a better striker? Every team in the world could, but until that happens I'd keep him in the side.
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    I like Silva. I like the players he (and Brands) have brought in, I like the cut of his jib, I like the fact I can watch us again without my eyes bleeding. We need to improve and we will do.
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    2018/19 Yerry Mina

    Jeremy Beadle had a small cock, on the other hand it was quite big. Bdum-tish, thanks - I'm here all week. On Mina, he's had an x-ray on his fractured toe, doctors say it's touch & go. Apparently there's a chance he'll never walk again. *This is utter lies
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    It might not matter but Man city’s owners are no better I haven’t read either the article above or the ones on Usmanovs past, but I’m in the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ camp. Would love EFC to be...
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    Match Thread Everton v Southampton

    Do you think big Yerri will start in place of jags?
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    Confirmed Signing Kurt Zouma

    Apparently he can leap into the air like Tim Cahill. With Mina we’re going to be much more of a threat this season