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  • Hey Faddy, I'm sure you're looking forward to the game, its like Liverpool v Everton x100 over there I bet!!! A shame for the Indians as they finally have to left Pakistanis into the country, that must be making their blood boil. Filthy how your players are treated at the IPL.
    Ryder is world class, has been since he played 1st class cricket at age of 19, but obviously fitness is an issue for him. He's not as big in the flesh, it's just some of the kiwis are so skinny (like Martin and Guptill). Can't see us beating Sri Lanka they are looking fantastic at the moment.
    Hey mate, I'm good thanks, we live in the North Island so no problems for us, but we're a small country and it affects everyone very deeply, I know a few people down there and luckily they're safe but the whole city has to rebuild. Very sad seeing it happening on telly.

    I've put a small bet on Pakistan to win the WC mate, they started well! Better than England! Been entertaining so far, more runs being scored than I would have thought!
    Hey mate, how are you? Good game last night, down to the wire aye! Misbah really showing his class in this series, very suprised that was his hightest ODI score! Still think you guys are in with a great chance to win the WC.
    England Aus on at the moment, its a cracker!
    I'm glad cricket is on, it's taking the pain away from being a Blue!
    Haha, did too, was late last night!

    Just come home to see the 2nd innings after my own game, and it's all over! Looks like NZ bowled well, they have some good seamers when the conditions suit. Bennet has played a little bit but has been injured, quite handy when working with Southee.
    Oram is very very lucky to be getting another go at this, he'll break down again before this series is over just watch!
    I've had a bet with my boss that Pakistan will win the world cup, the talent's all there, wasn't a good start to preperation though!
    Was really upset when I heard Aamir was a part of it, as a left arm quickie myself I have been looking forward to seeing progress into the new Wasim. Hopefully he does get a chance.

    Watching Aus vs England? Going to be an interesting finish!
    Well it turned out to be a bit of a bore in the end I guess (from an NZ point of view!), after the morning session I was quite hopefull!
    The one dayers will be fantastic if the twenty20s were anything to go by, did you see them? I think it's a shame Adam Milne isn't getting more of a go, he is rapid.
    Seriously think Pakistan will go close to winning the World Cup mate, they've got rid of the cheats and have a good team feel about them under Ul-Haq and Afridi, I really think they can go far.
    I moved over here about 10 years ago, and wouldn't move back to the UK, it's an awesome place in general, and beautiful.
    Thought I'd msg here instead of taking thread OT, yeah will be watching with interest all day today, NZ are pretty keen to win this, Vettori will bowl all day from one end I think. Could easily see Pakistan collapse, depends how much money they get!!! lol.

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