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    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    I’m just looking forward to the press conference before our first game of the season with Carlo struggling to read the script he’s been given ‘we’ll go..with what...we’’ Before looking over at Brands who just nods back at him silently, a single tear rolling down his face
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    Fines for Back Passes

    Always remember an interview with Gary Neville where he said as a full back in his prime at Utd you had 2 options - up the wing or give it to the centre mid, you’d get a rollicking if you tried passing it back. Love to see what he’d do if he was in this side however, can’t blame any player for...
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    Young EFC Players Out on Loan 2019-20

    Fully expect him to leave having never quite made the jump to the first team but that said he literally can’t be worse than Davies or Sigurdsson, shame he’s out on loan really but ok that’s football
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    according to google roughly £90,000 - Makes them look like cheapskates by today’s standards, easy to forget the game wasn’t always pumped full of money like it is today
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    The horrific barren spell and years of garbage football meant something stronger was required, I for one am all for Everton livin la vida toke-a if it means that stadium gets built
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    2019/20 Marco Silva

    Ultimately he’ll be remembered as having wasted a load of money on assembling a team with no drive whatsoever... We’ve had teams in the past where every player in the starting 11 had less ability than the players we have now but at least looked like we wanted to win, if it had to be ugly then so...
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    Would you take Moyes?

    No I wouldn’t want him back and I don’t appreciate the board letting us fall far enough that our hopes & expectations are back at Moyes, wasn’t good enough then isn’t good enough now!
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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Lookman vlasic onyekuru out depay in..? Sounds a good deal but still leaves us 1 short in the winger department, maybe we'll get Lozano as well and summer on here will be one long meltdown
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    Match Thread EVERTON V SOUTHAMPTON Match thread, Report and MotM Poll

    Any pubs in town likely to have this on?
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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    0 out of 3 - Aaron Wan-Bissaka defo looks a prospect though. :D
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    All the Martinez talk is embarrassing, he won nothing, same as moyes, same as allardyce, same as koeman. If Martinez is anyone's yardstick for success they need to have a lie down. Nsno anyone? Maybe the 80s is before the time of some these divvys but believe it or not we used to be right up...
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    Paulo Fonseca

    'once everton has touched you..' he either gets us or maybe he just loves tattoos and is not arsed
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    2017/18 Ross Barkley

    Cross Parkley :oops:
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    Sean Dyche

    He'd get Keane playing again but apart from that it's difficult to see many positives...we got rid of Martinez and broke the bank to get koeman who at the time looked like the best available man for the job but after his incompetence why are the board once again looking at managers with no...
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    Wayne is that you?
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