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  • Quit the Anti-Bill stuff alright lerd, hes doing his best FFS. You must have missed his speech where he said he had been to the bank for a loan. 24/7 hes asking for loans, sat in the boys pen you know.
    Jesus. I don't think you're actually far wrong there, mate. I shudder to think what's going on there. :)
    Goat beat me to it. I was just gonna mention that if a certain member suddenly starts following you around like a lost puppy, it would be Suitsblue, or Dunckirkspirit as he now calls himself.

    The in and out thread was very strange and a few others. He went proper mental. I was worried for his sanity.

    It was only when I was about to go bed I clicked who it was.
    Did you notice your old friend suitsblue was around last night in his new shiny name. Dunirkspirit.
    Just wanna say thanks Dave mate, stuck a fiver on Estudiantes the other night didnt I. Frigging 0-0. Thanks mate, thats a whole £5 I wont get back, cheers..........
    Im hardly 1 too preach, but try keep your head. Just keep plugging away with them facts!! The trooooth will out.

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