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  • Just seen an old post with you on it was and wondering how you are mate. Hope you're well.
    Hi Ray,sorry to hear things are not too good .Nothing changed much here,had a great time friday my clutch went on the m58 going to Blackpool with Barb and the grandson the police where very good made sure we were safe and contacted the AA they calmed Barb because ehe was panicking about how we could transfer her from the car to the rescue car but the son inlaw came to us and we used my mobility bike to transfer her to his car then I drove home in the car and they (our Tracy was with him)waited for the tow,the night before I got a flat outside cstao and had to wait for he AA then at least Im getting my monets worth out the AA cheers mate I hope things turn round for you Roy
    Hello Roy. Things not been good these past few months mate but thanks for askin. Hows you been doing? Not seen you in ages. Hopes alls well your end.
    Hiya , mate .

    Just checking in , seeing how things are for you ???
    Hows Mrs . C ??? Bit better I hope , and thus , you are not too scatty .
    Glad to see you post .
    All the best , always , mate .
    Later , cocka .
    Roy, how did things go for Christmas? Hope you had a good time and things were not too stressful. Is Barb okay?
    Coyney top of the repping pops.

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    Well in mate :)
    Roy, how are things? I've not had much time to be on here lately but I've just noticed you've been absent for a few days.

    Send me a PM when you have time. I'll be in England from Friday until Tuesday. Hope to hear from you when I get back.

    All the best to you and Barbara,
    Coyney really do hope things are on the up for your mrs and you mate. Drop me a message when your about.
    my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. hope all goes ok for your missus

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