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  • The other guy hasnt got back to me yet...I dont know if you've heard from your brother?
    Happy to hold it for you if you defo want it. But just dont want to not end up selling it. Wanna keep trying your brother and let me know at 6?
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    Collie spainel
    Thanks for holding still can’t get through so he can sort his own ticket thanks again
    Ok, thanks for letting me know
    Hi, do you still need the ticket? I've got other people asking for it, so let me know please. Thanks
    Collie spainel
    Ok mate let it go was buying for my brother but can’t get hold of him
    Hi, Brighton ticket still available. So all yours!

    Whats the best number to reach you on? Think we'll get to the ground for 2:15/2:30pm. Does that work for you?

    Will you pay cash or should I send you my bank details?


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