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  • Hello codsy,
    I've only been registered on here for just over a month but it's great on here, just watched the game in the boozer, lacklustre best describes it :( Really good to see you on here and hope you'll stick around as there are some good people on here and it's a good laugh, take care matey.
    Hello Cods,
    Yes, i was from nsno ( ccp) How's things down under ? Good to see you're still an avid a blue as ever, hope all is well with you and your family, good to hear from you again.

    Hi Dom,

    I won't put it on youtube, just want to watch it on my new telly as I love the video.

    Thanks fella, I was going out on a limb thinking that Tom may have given it to you (or that you even knew him), I have no gripe with you, you can use it.

    Very kind of you to link the vid, it is great. :)
    Hey, really? ill be laughing at him tommorow for lying about it :) ill change it later...

    and sure give me one second to upload it to mega upload or something...

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