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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    This last month he's been looking ten times the player he was last season. Love his "Don't care who you are..." attitude.
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    2017/18 Ross Barkley

    £15M? The lad's stitched us up.
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    2017 Everton - what will you remember?

    This. At that precise moment, Koeman looked a lot more secure in his job than Pep. Seems insane now...
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    Happy Blue Chrimbo

    Happy Christmas, you crazy, gorgeous bunch of beauts!
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    Stop kicking us. Time to stand up for Everton.

    Gonna win both those derbies...
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    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton, FA Cup 3rd Round, Friday 5th Jan 2018

    Bring it on. I always want them in the Cup.
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    Snap Poll - Big Sam

    230 v 230!
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    League Cup Draw - Chelsea Away

    By repeatedly being dumped out by little clubs?
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    Homepage Update: Form is Temporary, Classlessness is Permanent

    Quite. We did well by him; he did okay by us; he's gone. So what? No need for RAWK-like 10,000 word dissertations on the nature of "loyalty" blah blah blah.....