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  • Pressed enter on rep too quick (sodding iPad) - was gonna say I know the feeling!

    Never mind.
    Rule 4b of the GOT handbook. Blame azul for absolutely everything.

    You're about the tenth person to say they thought it was me. I'm too in awe of both sniderman and the Wincredible to try and imitate them mate. They're just things that make me love GOT.
    Most likely a loose connection. Nothing that can't be fixed by swearing and shaking your fist at it.

    If you take it in to get fixed it won't set you back that much. Or you could have a bash yourself
    I've just read it again and seen it's your actual laptop and not the internet that's goosed.

    In which case I would recommend size 10 kinetic testing
    It sends a ping to google, let's you know how fast the response time is which goves a good indication of internet connection.

    In my spare time, when I'm not eating cheese on toast or getting Jo on, I install/repair maritime internet systems
    Click start, run, type cmd and when the command box comes up type ping

    Let me know what the return times are
    Of course. I wish you'd post more, mate!

    Lao too. Haven't seen him post in ages.

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