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  • Anyway, joking aside, do you think your lot will turn it round this season or at you at risk of dropping back into the Championship ?
    Brian your mother is a true Welsh dirtbag and I'm crying laughing at you reverting to being a nothing football team.
    Woolly Blue
    Woolly Blue
    Talk to me Brian.
    I miss your wit and repartee.
    Hi Brian,

    Fellow Taff here, what the holy [Poor language removed] did your lads serve up yesterday?

    I pity your fans when the only thing you can do to create an atmosphere is have Dai Bach hit a [Poor language removed] drum for 90mins and not even that works when your team have less penetration than a spud gun.

    Any how enjoy being the Welsh Barcelona C team, I look forward to spanking you next season (if you stay up) as well.
    Hi Brian, seasons greetings and all that bollocks.

    We dominated you today, the first goal you've scored against us in the PL and even we had to do that for you LOL

    Happy holidays, stick to wrecking sheeps vaginas cos football doesn't appear to be your thing.

    Lots of Love xx
    Where are you lad? I can see that you're logged on.

    Anyway this is for you: LOL. Just LOL. LOL @ u and your club that's never beat us ever.

    You are our b*tches. Do as we say just pipe the [Poor language removed] down.

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