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  • well, if the Everton I saw against Villa decide to play, then I'm hopeful... :) Bit annoying having the Cup game so close to Man City- tough choices to make- do you play the best team on Wed and go hell for leather for a Cup run, and accept the fact that Man City will flay us alive, or play a weaker team on Wed in order to rest some players in the hope of winning on Sat as well? Lord, I wouldn't want to be Moyes... but I think we can deffo win Wed, and if we scrub up we can at least draw on Sat! (ever the optimist!)
    I see you have the same thinking as me....

    *strokes chin*

    To be fair, we've got a hard run in Sept/ Oct, so my hatches are battened down and ready for that storm, then it's full steam ahead Cap'n!

    Ok... I really need to step away from my laptop and make some food now! x
    Well, to be fair I'm sharing it with my aunt ( who is being reluctantly dragged along when I can't afford the train fares)... so yeah, when we lose, blame it on Barbara ;)

    Goddamnit, our poor pre-season practically DEMANDS a good start, doesn't it? !

    I like the idea of a dolphin as the new Everton mascot...
    it's not even that I don't have much confidence to post, it's more that either a) anything I would say has already been said or b) as you say, it's a lot of arguing over stuff we can't change anyway. I'm not apathetic, just realistic, and I don't think bitching on a forum is gonna change anything! Please dear GOD I can't wait for some decent games to be happy about. For years my uncle semi-banned me for Goodison cos we always lost when I went, but then last season I got a half season ticket and we didn't lose a single game... now he's bought me a season ticket for good luck- superstitious? Us lot? !!
    yes he has, ta! And lol at the posts- it's amazing what desire for a ticket can motivate a girl to do!
    Sorry, I just saw you tried to pm me. I've been really busy and I dont really have the time right now to go through and delete the hundred and something pm's in my inbox. You can message me on fb if you want. How have you been?

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