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    Return of fans to stadiums to be controlled by Ballot

    In theory. But not the point I’m making a ballot means that you can apply for 6 games and I can apply for 6 games. You can get 6 games and I can get none. I feel what I’ve described is an organised schedule of attendees.
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    Return of fans to stadiums to be controlled by Ballot

    No I described a fixed pattern where everyone gets an opportunity to go to a game. where the same people are picked every fourth game. That’s not a ballot, that’s organised.
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    Return of fans to stadiums to be controlled by Ballot

    It's why a Ballot is genuinely never a fair outcome. I said right at the beginning of this thread, they should have put out, a "What if?" form, so to speak, in the event if we got to return. Throw everyone's name into a database, and rotate who goes to the game based off order on the...
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    Return of fans to stadiums to be controlled by Ballot

    Think it's more of a pilot to be perfectly honest mate, there's already talks of 10-20,000 testing in January for a cup game if Decembers return goes well. Got to remember that this is a move to win over a lot of frustrated people, imagine the uproar if they said Old Trafford could have 40,000...
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    Return of fans to stadiums to be controlled by Ballot

    Think a few have missed this. The set up for the new rules is Tier one: 4K or 50% whichever is lower. Tier two: 2k or 50% which ever is lower. Tier three: no spectators. so if Stevenage ground holds 4,000 they’d only be allowed 2k and so on.
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    Return of fans to stadiums to be controlled by Ballot

    So because I go to every away game, means I get priority over a lad/girl who can’t afford to do that, as they have a young family? do think they’ll be loading up on hospitality though. Not a chance they are prioritising away going fans more.
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    2020/21 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    Just have no expectations for him, i think is the best solution. If everyone expects a world beater, then we're going to be going down the Schneiderlin booing route before the seasons out. Been out for 18-months, expect a few games before he gets up to pace, at whatever standard he'll be at.
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    Spirit of the Blues

    Played it last night, it's fantastic. Great that the club jumped on this and helped the charities out.
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    Lacked any pace in the centre of the park since right at the start of Arteta. Always feel that will be our downfall, and usually is.
  10. barneygumble

    Luis Alberto

    28 apparently!
  11. barneygumble

    Luis Alberto

    Loads of players can hack the Italian and Spanish leagues but struggle with the English leagues. Look at the two Liverpool signed. Aspas and Alberto, both looked like they had never kicked a ball in their life, off home and to Italy and they’re full internationals tearing up leagues. Forlan...
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    Luis Alberto

    Good with Lazio, terrible at Malaga and more concerningly with the shower across the park. Massive no from me.
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    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    Pleasure to have him on board, but Christ he doesn’t half make some dubious decisions. Cruising at 3-1 and sitting back, allowing pressure. Sigurdsson coming on, when we needed legs and persisting with Mina. you’d think the way we’re reacting, we’d just lost, but should eh there celebrating...
  14. barneygumble

    Transfer Rumour ISCO

    £120k a week says he doesn’t. Steve Walsh and RoKoe killing us.
  15. barneygumble

    2020/21 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    He's said he's interested in a move to the MLS, when his deal expires. If we can somehow move this carthorse a season early it would be most wonderful.
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