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    Everton Netflix/Amazon Documentary

    Yes but only if there’s at least one full episode on Tom Davies’ wardrobe just to make the Park End da’s fume.
  2. Baines' left foot


    Just SELL, for crying out loud!
  3. Baines' left foot

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    Pah, speak for yourself! I for one and glad trampoline shins has gone and we’ve spread the goals around.
  4. Baines' left foot

    2019/20 Alex Iwobi

    Yeah, especially as he shamelessly posted a photo of him with his fit wife the other day.
  5. Baines' left foot

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    I'm not saying the whole fanbase is toxic, but this thread demonstrates why a lot of our fans believe large sections of our fanbase is toxic. It seems some people sit and wait for things to go wrong so they can find their next target for their negativity and miserable mindset. We've got one of...
  6. Baines' left foot

    Branislav Ivanovic

    This thread just shows how many 'fans' can't wait to jump in and slate the club at any opportunity. Sad.
  7. Baines' left foot

    2019/20 Moise Kean

    His price tag is his worst enemy. No one should have expected him to come in and be one of our star players. It’s hard enough for young players to come in to a new team in a new country even when they join a team doing well.
  8. Baines' left foot

    Your 'ITK' Thread

    *does shuffle dance
  9. Baines' left foot

    2019/20 Alex Iwobi

    I bet it’s an effing Magnum Double too. Here’s me eating Mini Milks because it’s all I can afford. The state of modern footballers.
  10. Baines' left foot

    Transfer Rumour Gabriel (Lille)

    Got Gwladys in his name though so he's a super bloo.
  11. Baines' left foot

    Bolasie!!!!! Awful Get shut Sell
  12. Baines' left foot

    2019/20 Leighton Baines.

    This is why mentality should be one of the main attributes we look for in new players. From what I've seen and read Allan looks like the right type to bring in.
  13. Baines' left foot

    Transfer Rumour Allan

    First Bernard then Allan, we’ll be signing Geoff and Steve next lol
  14. Baines' left foot

    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    This is everything that’s wrong with modern footballers. Awful footballer that costs an absolute fortune swanning around with his 10/10 wife like it’s nothing. Bet he had someone waiting there with a camera just for this. He’s been awful all season and he has the gall to post this on his social...
  15. Baines' left foot


    I would have had him here, but I’m not sure he would have got the time or patience required. When we sacked Silva were in an even bigger mess than we’re in now, and he would have needed to hit the ground running. With getting a big name manager in it’s given us a bit of a reality check that the...
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