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  • hi. that number doesnt work at the mo. feel free to ring house number if you have it. i can text you off another number in a bit.
    Well my plan is to go to the gym, pick Soph up and then i was thinking Argo in mine. I am however open to suggestions you big love monkey.
    Argo**** yourself.
    Loved the album when it came out. It was impossible not to, but it's the one I listen to the least. Saying that, City of Bugs, Same Skies, Nothing...there's some top songs on there! Just missed something, which I can't put my finger on..!? You know what I mean though! HA.
    Well, I know they've been talking about it a bit, don't think it's due out any time soon. They've sacked off Marr for it too. As much as I love that man, I think it's probably a good thing??? Seen them live 3 times I think, 2 of them at a festival though. Have you?
    Ha, thanking you very much. I based it on last years away Kit.

    Can't wait for the Cribs next album, Mens Needs is my favourite album EVER probably.
    It's one of my numerous tedious little amusement things. You'll learn to ignore me in time!
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    Didn't take that long did it....
    Hahaha. You won't the first or last good sir.

    Make sure you try it on other cats though, it's weirdly addictive!

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