Adam and Dave take a (depressing) look at back at Sunday and discuss Koeman’s future, the attitude of the players, how bad Ashley Williams actually is and protest by the use of ye old English.

Give it a go and that.

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Bump Thanks lads; it's taken me 4 days to want to even think about Everton again. Sitting through 3 hours of depressing, idealess drudgery will do that to you, so kudos for even bothering to put this out. A thought-provoking examination of our nauseous malaise. I disagree strongly we should consider ourselves out of Europa though. If we could find a way to beat Lyon at home under the lights and Atalanta draw with Limassol then we're back in a qualification spot. Granted we're steaming mince at the minute but if we could manage to raise our standard to simply… Read more »

I feel we miss Coleman more than lukaku.