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[OPINION] Mental Health

Aaron Lennon’s return to training has spurred me on to write a few things about mental health, and the thread we have on GrandOldTeam about help on the issue.

I am extremely pleased to see the return to training of a man who was clearly in turmoil. While his method of a cry for help was perhaps not what we would advise, his experience certainly shows that once help is sought and provided, it can really improve a persons life.

World Mental Health day is a wonderful thing, and retweeting messages of support once a year is great, however sufferers need help all year round, not just when it is trendy.

The thread I began out of frustration for my wife’s experience with post natal depression has helped a lot of people. We’ve even had a few notes saying it’s stopped them from doing something awful. I say this not to pat ourselves on the back, but rather to highlight the good that comes from helping people who need help.

Also, when I started it, never in a million years did I think I’d need the help the thread offers myself – but need it I did. Well done all those who continue to contribute, you really do make a difference.

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